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Release Notes

PHP Melody v2.3.1. Released May 01, 2015

PHP Melody v2.3.1

May 01, 2015


  • Replaced the YouTube API (v2 to v3 migration). To use v3 you need API key. Watch the video on how you can get your YouTube API key.
    • Improvement #1: You can now list up to 100 videos while importing. Previously the limit was 50 videos.
    • Improvement #2: Imported YouTube videos now include the video description in full. Previously, the description was cut short by the v2 API.
    Note: YouTube API v2 is now officially deprecated and may be removed anytime. It is crucial that you upgrade your PHP Melody website(s) to prevent any service interruption. This is a brand new implementation which was not tested across a wide range of hosting environments. Report any problems here or via contact support.
  • Social thumbs (example) are now created when uploading/updating a thumbnail or submitting a new video. The watermark (play icon/button) was also improved; as seen in this example.
    Note: 'Social thumbs' are used in Facebook's feed. They are active only if your video thumbnails are stored locally and not from remote sources.
  • Added a configurable limit for 'Featured videos' list from the homepage. Default limit is 10 videos but you can change this from your back-end.
  • Updated Hebrew and Romanian translations.
  • Extended support to native players for audio files.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug with DailyMotion's Publisher (syndication) key. The HTML code was wrong which prevented the syndication key from being used.
  • Fixed Right-to-Left layout issues with 'Featured videos' and 'Statistics' widget (report any other issues here).
  • Fixed 'Back to top' button.

Known Issues

  • Vimeo importing from Vimeo Users, doesn't go past the first page (Error: Page is out of bounds).
    Note: The problem is from Vimeo's API not form our code. We've reported this issue to Vimeo and we're currently waiting for a resolution.
  • Social thumbs generate a warning message in Facebook's Open Graph Object Debugger. The warning can be safely ignored.
  • In-video preview images are of low quality (pixelated look) but worked before v2.3.
    Note: The issue is found only in installations upgraded to v2.3 (before April, 2015). Newer installations are not affected by this issue.
    Note: This know issue was created by a bug we fixed v2.3. Before the fixes, PHP Melody displayed preview images (higher quality) directly from YouTube even if the thumbnail storage settings were set to 'local' (i.e. bug). In addition, before v2.3 video thumbnails saved locally were smaller in size to conserve bandwidth and disk space. To solve this 'issue' please follow these instructions.