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Release Notes

PHP Melody v2.1. Released December 12, 2013

PHP Melody v2.1

December 12, 2013

New Features

  • Cleaner look for the 'Default' theme.
  • Markup Schema support; good for SEO.
  • reCAPTCHA support & honeypot traps for registration bots.
  • Much improved 'online/offline' status detection for users.
  • Improved search suggestion. Uses fewer resources and yields better results.
  • Option to disable/enable the commenting system site-wide.
  • Users can see their submitted videos as 'pending approval'.
  • New function for users that suggests relevant users to follow based on a few factors.
  • New translation for the 'Thai' language.
  • New ad zones: 'floating ads' (new installations only).
  • Improved page titles for categories, search results, tags, etc. (suffered from duplicate metas).
  • Editable video & article permalink URL.
  • Updates for the WYSIWYG editor: cleaner look, spellcheck support and true 'what you see is what you get'
  • HTML5 (<video>) and JavaScript (<script>) are now supported as embeddable videos.
  • 'Pre-roll static ads' improvements:
    • Option to add a 'Skip' button on individual pre-roll static ads.
    • Option to target certain categories or video sources.
  • Cleaner look & layout improvements. Works better with a larger range of screen resolutions.


New Video Sources

Bugs Fixed

  • Duplicate meta title and meta description for listing pages.
  • Duplicate/generic meta title for user profile pages.
  • Search engine crawlers caused videos to appear as 'being watched now' & wasting resources.
  • Search engine crawlers indexed non-value pages such as embed links (
  • The maintenance page was missing the title & some other issues.
  • Notifications for actions related to articles were missing.
  • Misplaced RSS links for article pages.
  • Some issues with the text & links on large displays.
  • Some banners were 'stuck' to layout elements.
  • Other theme fixes and HTML syntax problems.
  • Big problem : Renaming a video title was updating its URL.
  • While editing categories, the 'name' field was not updated.
  • While editing a video, the 'duration' field went up to only a max. of 99 minutes.
  • Replacing a YouTube video with an mp4 video was not possible.
  • Replacing a self-hosted video with an embed video caused problems in the RSS feed.
  • Updated the 'Yahoo! Mail' presets.
  • Broken RSS feeds in some circumstances.
  • Problem with sites hosted on https://.
  • Problem with embedded YouTube videos in the sitemap.
  • PHP Melody is no longer logging the password from failed login attempts (potential risk).