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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.8. Released December 20, 2012

PHP Melody v1.8

December 20, 2012

New Features

  • Social Module which includes:
    • User following system
    • Activity stream with status update
    • Build-in notification system
  • Comment rating data for frontend with live vote count
  • Added embeding support for <script> and <video> video codes
  • RSS without caching
  • RSS feeds for each category
  • Template: Mega drop-down menu
  • Admin Area: Edit suggested/uploaded videos before approval
  • Admin Area: Create new user accounts

Bugs Fixed

  • Template fix for incorrect 'alt'
  • Template fix for homepage articles list
  • Template fix for article excerpts (for non-english languages)
  • Template fix for profile editing (missing error alerts)
  • Template fix for empty duration
  • Template fix for video duration
  • Template fix for related (sub)categories
  • Email template fix ("Send to a friend" email included a broken URL)
  • Email template fix (mixing HTML with TXT on registration)
  • Admin Area fix for the analytics code form
  • Admin Area fix missing video thumbnail after updating the video
  • Admin Area fix for the importing video form (problem with non-english keywords)
  • Admin Area fix for the "Pages" module (unable to create new pages)
  • General issue with new installations without any defined categories
  • JQuery cookie plugin fix
  • Removed obsolete avatar usage
  • Importing from YouTube users limit has been removed
  • General Default, Ruby and Carbon template fixes