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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.6.3. Released May 12, 2010

PHP Melody v1.6.3

May 12, 2010

New Features

  • Thumbnail Selector for videos imported from Youtube
  • A filter for videos which are impossible to embed
  • Ajax checking procedure to avoid duplicate entries
  • The option to move selected videos to a specific category
  • Media formatted RSS Feed for your videos
  • Articles now have thumbnails to represent them wherever they are listed
  • Articles now have META descriptions (auto-generated)
  • A 'Popular Articles' page for the Article Module
  • New video source:
  • New video source: Justin.TV
  • New video source:
  • Support for new multimedia files: 'asf', 'wma', 'mp3', 'm4v', 'm4a', '3gp', '3g2'
  • Video and audio upload support for members. Even if PHP Melody is a Video CMS we've build in support for audio files such as .wma and .mp3
  • JW Player is now used for Youtube Videos because of the recent Youtube change (you can choose to use the original player instead)


  • Improved the "Video check bot"; now it checks one video at a time
  • Improved the video and thumbnail removal procedure for locally hosted videos
  • Improved some layout things such as a 3 column list for new videos
  • Improved several Admin Area things here and there

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: video source
  • Fixed: Valid embed code for existing videos (thanks mephisto)
  • Fixed problem with live comment preview; had some problems with quotes
  • Fixed a problem with article comments; live comment preview didn't work as expected
  • Fixed a serious problem in the comments system which allowed for link injection in the username field
  • Fixed the "Description" field for Youtube imported videos
  • Fixed the pagination issue for the "Import from Youtube user" page
  • Fixed the CSS issue which caused the video listings to be all over the place in Mozilla Firefox 3.x
  • Fixed the visibility issue with "Link to this video"
  • Fixed the issue with Google Analytics counter