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Feature Index & Overview

Feature Index & Overview

Your Video CMS

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A Video CMS built to go beyond video management. With a proven track record, ever-present customer support and frequent updates, we hope you like what you see. Enjoy your stay!

Super Simple to Set-up

Works with any hosting account
The entire installation takes only 15 minutes...or less. It comes with a detailed install manual and we're here to help.

Easy to Customize

No programmer required
Tweak the layout as you like it. Customize theme proportions, colors and more without editing a single line of code.

Easy to Monetize

Turn views into income
With pre-roll ads, in-player ads or mobile ads it's easy as 1-2-3 to make money. The built-in tools make it so very easy.

Your First Video

Publish any videos, anytime.

Grow It Quickly. Import Videos

With only 3 clicks you can add thousands of videos from YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo. Using the built-in APIs connections, you can search, filter and import any videos; in bulk or individually.
Highlights of video importing:
  • 100% auto-importing with customizable scheduled jobs
  • Search for any videos by keywords, username or playlists
  • Selective data importing (e.g. title, description, tags)
  • Inline edit before importing
  • Super-fast bulk importing with our latest release
  • No storage - imported videos are streamed from source
  • Use custom players to stream imported videos
Import videos from over 40+ sources. All automated

Host Your Videos

PHP Melody works with all your favorite video formats: MKV, FLV, MOV, WMV and MP4. The multi-part upload process guarantees uninterrupted uploads every time for any video size.
Large video files? No problem! Just make sure you have enough disk space and let us worry about the rest.
Planning to allow user uploaded content? Cool. Registered users on your website can add their own stuff. The approval process can be fully automated or moderation-based. Furthermore, you can configure things such as how many videos each user can upload/day or the size of each upload.
Hosting your own content

Video Streaming

Publish your live RTMP streams on the web and mobile devices alike. We've included all the tools you need to facilitate streaming your live feeds.
Add your RTMP link and PHP Melody will take care of the rest. There's no other software to install or configure.
Just like any content, live streams can be protected or require user registration.

Embed Videos, Streams or Audio Files

Unique to PHP Melody are the built-in presets for 40+ of the most popular video sites (presets). Adding content from any of these sites is done automatically for you. No copy/pasting required.
Embedded content is integrated within your site's layout seamlessly.
Live Streaming

Your Content, Your Rules

Work smart not hard. Complete control over your content.

Automated Jobs

Automate your workflow. Create jobs for automatic sitemap generation, video checking and even custom auto-import.
Built-in Search Optimization

Automatic SEO

Optimized page content out-of-the box. We've made sure our layout is optimized to get your content ahead everyone else.

Video Checking Bot

Imported content is regularly checked to ensure that remote videos get reported to you if they go missing. Have control even over remote videos.

Set Permissions

"Lock" your valuable videos behind a login form, choose the action any user can take on your site. Restrict or allow as much as you want. Your site, your rules.

Schedule Videos

Just set the date. Scheduled videos are automatically published for you. Great for course publishing or any content "drip".

Statistics & Insights

Get insight into which videos perform best in terms of viewership, likes, comments, etc. Publish more of what your visitors wish to see.

Reliable Platform

Invest in a Secure Foundation. Build with a proven CMS.

Excellent Safety Score

Zero sites powered by our CMS were hacked over the past 11 years; since we first launched.

Continuous Improvements

No stale code here. Our releases are frequent, comprehensive and always focused on security and performance.

Solid Customer Support

From Monday to Friday. And sometimes Sunday too. For over 11 years we've been showing up daily to help our customers.

Optimized to Scale

Big site, small site, it doesn't matter. Your page loading times are always quick with our CMS thanks to our optimizations.

100% Open Code

We don't encrypt or hide our code. You have the freedom to integrate and change our code to make it fit your needs.

Backups & Logs

Take snapshots with the 1-click database backup tool. For monitoring we record all incidents in an internal log you can review.

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