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Customer Testimonials

A few kind words from our customers
Kathy M.
"It's just incredible."

"I am totally impressed with the PHP Sugar Team and PHP Melody. After a lot of online searching, I found this amazingly sophisticated solution that will make my clients happy and make me look good. Furthermore, I work with a video producer, who will be thrilled to have PHP Melody installed on our own site."

Kathy Meriage,
Creative Digital Masters
"Nice to know there is still 'good old fashion customer care' out there."

"I would like to thank you for your help and support when I had a recent issue with PHP Melody. It is so nice to know that in these modern times there is still some 'good old fashion customer care' out there. I have found PHP Melody to be a really cost effective script and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a video site.

Denis Steer,
"Great Product. Great Support."
Kathy Meriage

"I am totally impressed with the PHP Sugar Team and PHP Melody. After a lot of online searching, I found this amazingly sophisticated solution that will make my clients happy and make me look good. Furthermore, I work with a video producer, who will be thrilled to have PHP Melody installed on our own site.

Initially, when I was looking for a "widget", most of the solutions out there are geared for people who will mostly be embedding videos. In our case, we needed the ability to upload content... and my customer is wanting to do this themselves... so a User Friendly process is essential. PHP Melody, I believe, meets these needs. The availability of templates, a support community of product experts and developers is another Bonus :) I am happy that Melody uses the JW-Player, an industry leader in player development, as well.

Lastly, I was greatly challenged with finding a program that would be compatible with Godaddy shared hosting. I was growing certain that the only way I was going to be able to use PHP Melody (or other tools) in light of certain conflicts, would be to find a new hosting provider. To my delight, PHP Sugar support came through and "exceeded my expectations" (not a cliche). After back and forth emails, and PHP Melody Forum discussions with other users having a similar issue as me, with Godaddy... Andrew (PHP Sugar developer) PERSONALLY Fixed my problem!! Kudos to Andrew, and THANKS. Great Product. Great Support."

"PHP Melody works right out of the box"
Daryl H.

After playing around with those "Free" ones, PHP Melody is a breath of fresh air. As for cost, the box stock PHP Melody has the features you have to pay for with the "Free" versions. By the time you pay for those add ons, they end up costing more than PHP Melody by quite a bit. PHP Melody has the coding open where you CAN mod it if you know how. It's not like some of the "Free" versions that have them encoded where you can't. Again, cost savings for those that want to mod it for themselves.

There are other positives as well but the MOST important one is, PHP Melody works right out of the box. After dinking with the "Free" versions I appreciate something that does that. In fact, I demand it. And PHP Melody meets that very important demand."

Jose Ruiz

"Just wanted to say without trying to brag, but, what the hell. Just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work... Nice to buy a script and have a support team behind it. I sure hope the script gets bigger and becomes even better than the biggest scripts out there... Yes there are issues but trial by error right? Anyways, good job!!!!"

"10 / 10 for PHP Melody"
Salim J

"I wanted to thank you guys for this awesome product i have been searching and trying many video CMS in the past 2 years and all my tries failed, until I found PHP Melody, which saved me a lot of money which i was spending on bandwidth bills. Also, it's very user friendly easy to install and manage, i was afraid that it will not handle the amount of visitors that my site receive daily which is more that 100,000 K unique every day, but with all these visits the site is loading fine and no database problems. 10 / 10 for PHP Melody"

"Your awesome PHP Melody rocks!"
Rick L. Sprinkle

"Your awesome PHP Melody rocks! I have been working with PCs and applications since 1986 and so I can honestly say I have seen the best and the worse of them as you can imagine. The programmers of PHPSUGAR have thought of everything including a slick and professional install routine. The flexibility and ease of use of the admin panel is by far one of the best I have used. The instructions given are clear, concise and get you up and running in about thirty minutes top.

I would recommend this php application to anyone who needs a robust, easy to maintain video cms. I rate your application 5 out of 5! Thank you for a fine product that is priced very reasonable and offers many options for novice and advanced users alike."

"It's the best price, it's the best program and they have the best support"
Randy Thomas

"PHP Melody is the best and easiest program I have ever used. PHP Sugar thought of everything when it comes to the administration area. You have control over every aspect of the software to give your website anything you want. I would suggest to anyone that if a music video site (or just a video site) is what you need, look no further than PHP Melody. It's the best price, it's the best program and they have the best support I have ever found."

"Rated #1 over all"
Mohamed Rasheed

"To all who are thinking of buying this product, first I have been a customer from the first version, and now I'm on version 1.6. It may seem that I work for the company because of my positive comments, but no I do not. It is when you find a good product you support it, and this product has been very good from the start, when I first purchased it I was only looking for a CMS to stream & manage my own video, but I learned that PHP MELODY would do more. so with little tweek I was able to get exactly what I wanted. so with that I state as I have before, This product is rated #1 over all, buy it and see for yourself."

Deepak K.

"PHP Melody is a great product and I am really impressed by the support you offer. Thank you for all your help! Keep up the good work!"

"I was not disappointed at all"
Praveen Kumar

"I wanted to add a video section to one of my sites and after browsing through many of the "video" scripts, I stumbled on PHP Melody. Initially i wasn't sure whether this would fit my needs, but after going through the forums and then testing this out on another site, i was very confident this would suit the needs of my primary site. And i was not disappointed at all. Right from day one, Andrew and his team have been very supportive responding to emails/forums threads answering all questions on time. Best of all this is not just a Music CMS, it can be used for any sites as long as you spend some time modifying it and you do not have to be a expert programmer to do it.

The Best Video CMS available on the market now! Wonderful Script and Wonderful Team :)"

Yolcu Iskender

"Very cool script, everything works fine, 100% problem free. Simply, cool"

Kanwaljit Azad

"Great product, Great people!"

Denis Jakin

"I only wanted to say that people who work behind this Phpsugar know how to make a satisfied customer customer/client. Thank you very much! I can't wait for other great scripts you will bring up."

Gyanendra B.

"This is the first time I am ever satisfied with any purchased script (PHP Melody). The script has a lots of needed mods. And also the support centre is fast and very helpful. I will rate the script 9.9/10 and support from the team 9.5/10. You guys are doing the great job and I really liked your slogan."

Denis Steer

"I would like to thank you for your help and support when I had a recent issue with php melody. It is so nice to know that in these modern times there is still some 'good old fashion customer care' out there. I have found PhpMelody to be a really cost effective script and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a video site.

As for, one day all successful companies will follow your lead. All the very best for the future."


"I have been a customer of yours since the first version of PHP Melody and I just bought another copy of your wonderful product."

Joe Jenkins

"I just wanted to write to say that it's good to find a product that delivers what it promises. I have tried various options for the Virtual Film Festival, from Wordpress themes to full blown software, and this is the one that does alot of what i need - this is the one we will be sticking to using."


"Thank you guys for being such a reliable company I have used your product for some time now and have been more than satisfied, keep up the good work and you will always have my support."

Seth Goldstein

"I'm very pleased of the PHP melody. It's easy to manipulate, easy to change its skin, no advanced php is required. It's just great. It saved me a lot of time."

"Totally satisfied customer"
Corneliu Petru

"Again I will say to anyone looking for a video sharing database, This by far is the best there is.I only needed a database to share my own video product, but Php melody has much more than I wanted, very easy to modify for your custom needs, and excellent support. I have reviewed them all, but this one works for me; Totally satisfied customer. These guys are on top of all the fixes,keep up the good work. "

Gary Morgan

"As a photographer it becomes more and more difficult to present your work in a way that attracts and maintains your customer contacts. You also have to either become a fantastic HTML programmer or pay someone to do it for you, I certainly spent many painstaking hours uploaded and organising my videos.

That was until i purchased PHP melody, it's so simple to use, the perfornance of the video is fantastic, importing or uploading video's couldn't be simpler.

I'm not a HTML programmer, but it only took me an hour or so to get this site up and running, it's fantastic."


"Just started my site with PHP Melody. Must say that i realy like this software. The community behind the script is great, need a modification? They will help you on your way."

Thomas Asgeir

"A lot of my niches are in Music. About a year ago I set up a site called but was taking more time than I could devote to it and wound up going stale.

With PHP Melody, I was able to site up a more powerful site that does not need constant updating and did it in less than 30 minutes. Now, I just pop in whenever I want and add a handful of video in a few short minutes.

This is truly a hands off system that allows me to have sticky content that keeps them coming back for more. Keep Rockin!"

Steve Bala

"When it comes to having videos CMS site, PHP Melody is the best products among others. Very reasonable price. The most important thing is support. PM support is terrific. PM team works hard on updates all the time while giving terrific supports to members. Well... Since i can't find any words better than best, I would say IT'S THE BEST!"

Eelis Juuso

"After testing the demo, I purchased it, and have been very happy with the out come. I hope you guys continue the excellent work with this, the thing I like most is you protect the product, and the forum. I will continue to support this product."

Frank C.

"I must say that I've only had PHP Melody 1.5 running for just a couple of days live but I'm already getting an amazing load of traffic. Awesome software...."

Will England

"I just wanted to write to say how much I LOVE PHP Melody. Its so easy to use, ROBUST and easy to modify for design purposes.

There are so many junk scripts on the market place right now that offer big promises but deliver a fraction of what they claim.

I am so happy to have found PHP Melody and will continue to be a loyal customer for many years more."

Richard McKeag

"PHP Melody is by far one of the very best PHP Scripts out there. The great customer support and friendlyness of the PHP Melody staff is outstanding.

This script is filled with potential the oppertunity to earn your cash back with the Adsense integration makes PHP Melody real value for money.

Thank you PHP Sugar team for this amazing script."

Eren Ender

"Andrew and his team are totally awesome in providing support. This is one company that is a must have if you are interested in getting into an online business. He is always helpful and providing top support. Everyone company should be more like his and his team. Keep up the good work guys. Glad to have found you."

Sebastian Garcia

"This is the best script for software i ever saw on the web, you can get the money back you invest in this great script in a few weeks very good script for adsense ;)"

Toni Francesco

"PHP Melody is an excellent well-written program. It took me only a few minutes to configure it and I was able to get online immediately after your install."


"Unbeatable in every aspect...price, product and support! I recommend these scripts to anyone!"

Gene Adamson

"I am so glad that I found php sugar when I was searching online for a better video script. It is the best. From installing to maintaining and updating content it is so very simple and takes very little time.

And your service is so good and fast. I have had a few very slight problems; on my part of not knowing how to set the configuration on a few things, but it was fixed and resolved, Thanks to your fast customer support. And your so very nice and helpful about resolving any problems. Other services aren't so nice and demand payment to resolve anything.

Thank you so very much for the programs you offer and your license fees being so reasonable and the service you provide I hope your service continues to not only improve your current programs, but that you develop more other types.

I can't say thanks enough, as your program has really helped me to get some added features on my site that I had been looking for a long time. Many Blessings!"

Jonathan West

"After testing countless other video content systems, this by far trumps all of them in value and features! The high quality comes through right at the easy installation process, but by far the best reason to buy PHPMelody is for the professionalism of the quick-to-act support team and the community."

Marc Cooper

"Andrew, I've been struggling for a long time to get traffic and increase my adsense earnings from my arcade sites.

I'm glad I found your site on I was instantly intrigued by your script (PHP Melody) and decided to purchase it and give it a try.

My new music video site has been indexed for 15 days now and I get a lot of good traffic, from Google searches especially. For me, now, there is only one way to go UP!"

David Pickett

"I just wanted to thank you for your very prompt replies, and also for everything else. It is nice to see a team who's people really care for their customers."

Catalin Berbec

"We have been using PHP Melody for a few months now - Awesome app, awesome support, keep up the good work."

Jeff Berry

"It's about time someone built a reliable php music video script that works. PHP Melody is amazing. It simplifies everything for me because before I had to manually copy paste each video from which took ages! My hat is off to Andrew and his team for a job well done. Keep up the good work."

Joey Gilbert

"I just wanted to say how great PHP Melody script is and also how great the support is. All my questions are answered quickly and accurately. I do get a lot of compliments on this script from visitors and friends...Thank you again for this great script."


"I have bought PHP Melody about 3 weeks ago and so far I am so happy about. This is the first php-script that really deserved my money. The support for PHP Melody is outstanding, I get answers to my questions in few hours only and there is even a community forum for PHP Melody. Thanks PHP Melody that you exist!"


"This might possibly be the best script around for any music video site! Highly recommended!"

Julian Moss

" This was the best $27 I ever spent. The script is easy to set up and easy to customise. The support, if you need it, is great. In no time you'll have a site selling products that people want. You can't fail to make money with this."


"This was just what i was looking for. Took me about a day to find this and I'm glad i did. The order went smooth and i had my site up in less than a day. Also, the author provided quick support. Thanks!" - taken from HotScripts"

Yavuz Haydar

"Setting it up was easy as you promised."

Robert Lourens

"Just set up the app today and I must say that it kicks ass! I’ve been pondering with the idea of buying PHP Melody before but I'm sure glad I bought this version. Congrats!"

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