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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any hidden fees with your products?
Can I use my friend's PayPal account to buy your product(s)?
Can you provide phone support?
How long does it take to receive the product?
How many times can I use my license?
If the code open or are the files encrypted?
Can I remove the 'Powered by' link from the footer of my website?
Does it come translated into other languages or do I have to translate it?
Does the CMS come with any additional themes?
Does the CMS comply with copyright laws?
How can I sell my license?
How long does it take to receive my license download?
How many times can I use my license?
Is PHP Melody open code?
Is there a continuing technical support for PHP Melody?
What language do you use for customer support?
Can I display AdSense or run any ads in PHP Melody?
Can I hide the video uploading/importing feature from users?
Can I really embed any video, audio or flash into PHP Melody?
Can I remove or disable the user comments?
Can I restrict certain videos and make them private (require registration)?
Can I run and manage video ads?
Can I turn off manual video approval?
Can I use DeamWeaver to edit the layout and the colors?
Can PHP Melody handle payment subscriptions?
Can PHP Melody play audio files?
Can PHP Melody send emails using the mail() function or just via SMTP?
Do I need a dedicated server for PHP Melody?
Do I need a hosting provider with FFMPEG support?
If i import videos from Youtube, are they stored on my hosting account?
What is the maximum video size that I can upload?
What video formats are supported by PHP Melody?
When I import a video from Youtube, is it actually downloaded to my server?
Which hosting provider is the best for PHP Melody?
Can I install PHP Melody on a local host (on WAMP, MAMP or EasyPHP)?
Can I install PHP Melody on a Mac?
Can I install PHP Melody on more than 1 domain?
Can you help me install PHP Melody?
Does the CMS come with a manual or installation guide?
How long does it take to install PHP Melody?
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