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Here are the most frequently asked questions about PHP Melody. If can't find an answer here, send us your questions.

General Pre-Sale Questions

Pre-Sale Questions

  • Can I remove the 'Powered by' link from the footer of my PHP Melody site?

    Yes, you can remove the 'Powered by' link from your video site, if you paid for this service while ordering PHP Melody. If you want to order this service now, visit http://www.phpsugar.com/order.php?id=lrf
    In case you paid for this service, please open config.php and change
    define('_POWEREDBY', 1); to define('_POWEREDBY', 0);.

  • Does PHP Melody come translated into other languages or do I have to translate it?

    PHP Melody is translated in 23 languages. Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. If your language is not on the list you can easily translate PHP Melody. All the language is localized into one language file.

  • Does PHP Melody come with any additional templates?

    PHP Melody comes with the same vibrant design, you saw in our online demo. You can change this default template, by choosing any of our premium templates. They all look great, they are affordable and they are always updated along with the product.

  • Does PHP Melody comply with copyright laws?

    Yes. PHP Melody imports video metas from other sites. The actual videos are not imported or downloaded to your hosting account. Therefore your site is safe because you are not hosting any copyrighted content. However, if someone presents you with a DMCA notice and asks to remove some videos, you should do so. Since PHP Melody allows your visitors to upload videos to your hosting account, you should always make sure the videos you approve are not copyrighted material. Again, if you do have copyrighted videos submitted by your users and someone asks you to remove them, you should do so.

  • How can I sell my PHP Melody license?

    Yes, you can choose to sell your site and/or PHP Melody license at any time. Each license can be sold once.

  • How long does it take to receive the product?

    We guarantee instant delivery on all orders except for those originating from 'Unverified PayPal' accounts or discounted orders.

  • How many times can I use my PHP Melody license?

    A standard license can be used on one installation at a time. You can move your site to a new location but you must always have one installation per license. You can run a second installation for testing/modifying purposes as long as this second installation is not public. If you're interested in running PHP Melody on more than one sites, please purchase the unlimited license.

  • Is PHP Melody open code?

    Yes. We believe in open-code products. That's why we don't encrypt our code, offering anyone the freedom to customize his/hers PHP Melody site.

  • Is there a continuing technical support for PHP Melody?

    Certainly! It's been 6 years since PHP Melody was first introduced. Ever since, we've been offering daily support, regular updates and so on. We've had a perfect track record since PHPSUGAR.com was established in 2007.

  • What language do you use for customer support?

    English only. Feel free to use Google Translator if you don't know English that well. That's OK with us.

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