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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.6.7. Released August 13, 2011

PHP Melody v1.6.7

August 13, 2011

New Features

  • Check the status of your locally hosted videos
  • Multi-level categories (e.g. sub-sub-sub categories)
  • Select multiple categories when adding or importing videos
  • Testing option for the email settings (many customers had problems adding an email account)
  • RSS with thumbnail image support
  • Video sitemap generator
  • Better audio playback with cool visualisation effects
  • JW Player with the following improvements:
    • Time indicator in the time slider (for accurate skipping)
    • Related videos are displayed on PAUSE on once the video finished playing
    • Skin support with 19 pre-loaded skins to choose from
  • New translations: Slovak, Polish and improved Arabic
  • New video sources:,, and


  • Updated installer
  • Updated phpmailer class included
  • Improved number formating for more readable data
  • Caching of categories for reduced MySQL load and increased speed
  • Video chart optimization
  • ...and some minor improvements in the Admin Area

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the database backup procedure
  • Fixed problems in mp4 and flv uploading
  • Fixed username renaming issue
  • Fixed 'private article' preview page
  • Fixed vulnerability issue where moderators can make themselves admins
  • Fixed the MegaVideo thumbnail issue