Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

May 22nd, 2020 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

We are scheduled to perform various maintenance work during the next 24 hours (May 22-23).

We expect zero downtime or service interruptions in the services we provide.

Thank you for your patience and have a great weekend.

Happy Holidays To All!

December 19th, 2019 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

The end of 2019 is two weeks away.

But before we say “Hello 2020!”, we’d like to let you know how grateful we are to everyone taking part in and using our video CMS.

We’ve had another great year together and we’re looking forward for what the next year has to bring.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of our world.

Happy holidays. Wish you a better and brighter new year.

Take good care.

P.S. Our team will be on holiday from Dec 20 – Jan 3. See you in 2020!

PHP Melody is Turning 12 (yes, years)

October 17th, 2019 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

Dear friends and long time customers,

It was an autumn day back in 2007 when our Video CMS project was first released. We had no plans and no idea of what we were doing but luckily we had great customers who cared enough to send us feedback to last us 10 years. The pressure to deliver was on and the future was not yet written.

Well, this week we’re celebrating 12 years of PHP Melody. That’s a lotta time. Just to put things into perspective, was launched 14 years ago. And from a personal view, PHP Melody’s life equals a 3rd or my entire life. But, without a doubt, the work was worth it.

Leaving ego and numbers aside for a a moment, I sincerely hope each person using PHP Melody had a good experience and found it helpful for their own project.

We’ve been live for 12 years and are lucky enough to have smart and determined customers who also work hard. It’s been a treat working with and for you this past decade. You’ve been an inspiration for us.

And in case you’re worried about our existence, you can relax. Twelve years should be proof enough we’re committed to the mission; in fact v3.1 will be announced in a few weeks.

Good luck in all your plans and dreams.

Thank you for being part of our 12-year existence…so far.

Terms of Agreement Update… and Apples

September 4th, 2019 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

Dear people of good faith,

We all know how fast one bad apple can spoil the barrel. Except for supermarket apples. They are perfect.

PHP Melody was never perfect but it’s been close to 11 years and we’re still here, trying to make it, not perfect but better each time around.

And I do believe the reason we’re still here is partly because of our philosophy to consistently give more than we ask for in return. Our refund policy is no exception and that’s why we’ve always offered a generous 90-days money back guarantee for each license.

I am sad to report that in the past year, this policy was abused and tarnished by people of bad faith (i.e. bad apples). As developers and people who earn their living working, we cannot build anything of value for the world if it gets abused and undermined by people who’s motives were never to build something of value but to abuse, exploit and make a few bucks in the process.

The future of this project and all the people who already rely on us depends on the predictable continuation of our commitment/work. And that is why, effective today, we are changing our refund period to a respectable 14 days. We want fewer bad apples spoiling the fun for everyone else.

We’ve made this decision in the interest of our loyal customers who’ve been supporting us for many many years and rely on us to be here tomorrow and deliver.


Thank you and don’t forget to be kind to each-other. Never let a bad apple spoil you.