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Release Notes

PHP Melody v2.0.1. Released June 11, 2013

PHP Melody v2.0.1

June 11, 2013

Bugs Fixed

  • JW Player 6 code fixed to use watermarks, JW Key and the correct autoplay settings.
  • Error with /report.php links (affects only older sites which used to run v1.6.x).
  • Issue with video comments for videos.
  • The 'Suggest video' page was not updated (affects the premium PHP Melody themes only).
  • Articles listings were missing the thumbnail image (affects the premium PHP Melody themes only).
  • Related articles were not working before (zero listings).
  • Internet Explorer issue with video resizing.
  • videos failed to work with JW Player 6.
  • The 'contact' page was emailing messages without any formatting.
  • Live search recommendations issues with Cyrillic characters.
  • Updated SWF Upload. This patches vulnerabilities with the previous version of SWF Upload!
  • PHP Strict Standards fix.
  • Administrators couldn't edit the user data correctly (about me field was not saving the data and the '' field couldn't be changed).
  • Videos couldn't be edited to use an external video source.
  • URLs could not be edited and/or swapped with a locally hosted video.
  • Wrong date issue with modified videos.
  • Video checking bot was not working correctly if more than 20 videos were selected.
  • Filter for the 'sticky' articles was not working.
  • Search queries on the 'Members' page were removed after any action (approve / delete).
  • Added the missing support for JPEG image upload in all the WYSIWYG forms.
  • The previous update (v2.0) was missing .htaccess and, as a result, the embed links/code failed to work.
  • Missing required PHP function prevented the simultaneous installation of PHP Melody v2.0 and Mobile Melody v2.6.
  • Moved the max. daily upload limit from being hardcoded to the 'Settings' page, in the backend.