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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.6.6. Released January 17, 2011

PHP Melody v1.6.6

January 17, 2011

New Features

  • Easily embed videos from your site into your articles (with a click of a button)
  • The site search will now include searching the video tags (as an alternative when no results are found)
  • The infamous 'Like button' from FaceBook is now available for videos and articles (Can be disabled)
  • Added option to edit the video views count
  • Category sorting from Admin Area (for both videos and articles)
  • Updated SWFObjects
  • ...and a couple more improvements in the Admin Area

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix all issues concerning the lightbox gallery
  • Fix problems with the RSS feed
  • Fix bug which caused improper alignment for article lists
  • Fix issue with Flowplayer and video ads in Internet Explorer (issue with jumping from one video to another in playlists)
  • Patched permission problem which allowed 'Editors' to edit articles written by other members
  • Patch for performance issues caused by the 1.6.5 update
  • Update video source:
  • Update video source:
  • ...and a few other minor issues