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Theme Features

Goodies packed in each theme

HTML5 / quality code

Easy to undersand HTML code and fully documented CSS code is the norm with all our themes. As a developer/designer you can modify any of our themes easily.

Built-in SEO

Just like the default PHP Melody theme, our premium themes come with all the goodies including SCHEMA.org support. All use the latest industry standards for SEO.

100% compatibility

You won't lose any of the features that are available in PHP Melody. Everything from the ad systme to the contact form is 100% compatible and supported in all our themes.

Lightweight & snappy loading

Your site's performance is as important as its content. These days Seach Engines rank websites based on loading times. All our themes come optimized for loading times.

Cross browser support

Chances are you visitors use all sorts of browsers to watch videos on your site. Use our themes and never worry about layout consistency accross multiple browsers.

Constant updates

All our themes are updated alongside PHP Melody. This means you'll get updated themes each time a new PHP Melody version is made available.

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