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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.6.1. Released September 27, 2009

PHP Melody v1.6.1

September 27, 2009

New Features

  • HD-quality DivX® support
  • AVI, DivX® & MKV video support
  • The ability to assign site moderators and article editors
  • New pages can be created directly from the Admin Area with a WYSIWYG editor
  • New user profile fields for Website/blog, Twitter, Facebook &
  • Videos submitted by a user are now shown on his/her profile page
  • Comments can now be easily edited by the Administrator
  • Meta tags can be updated directly from the Admin Area
  • friendly video pages
  • Video Checker stores & displays the date of the last check
  • Individual player choice for each supported video source (Original, Embedded, Flowplayer/JW Player)
  • New video sources, as requested by our customers:
    1. Yahoo Music Videos
    3. Video.Data.Bg


  • We reduced the MySQL usage on several occasions
  • Replaced the ereg function
  • Updated the countries list & improved translations
  • Moved jQuery to Google CDN to improve loading times
  • Admin notifications for missing mail server details
  • Error logging links directly to the problematic videos
  • Other small Admin Area improvements

Bugs Fixed

  • Problem with live search results
  • CapsLock sensitive search queries
  • Problem with the fewchars function
  • Problem with the disappearing of no_avatar.gif
  • The empty entries in the pm_charts table
  • Windows Media Player issue with large video formats
  • All mail related problems were fixed: problems with the sender & UTF-8 emails
  • CSS issue with article links
  • Blacklisted words were not censored
  • Issues with IIS 7
  • Issues with the RSS feed
  • Issues with the 'Manage Counter' page
  • The bug caused by deleted article categories
  • Problem with the article delimiter
  • Problem with misplaced article comments
  • Youtube's Direct Input problem