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  • PHP Melody v2.4 is Now Available

    PHP Melody v2.4 is now available. This new version is a relatively light-weight “summer” release. As with any new release of our video cms, we’ve addressed existing bugs and made tweaks to improve your overall experience. Here’s what else has been included in PHP Melody v2.4: Enhancements & New Features Added “Watch Later” functionality to […]

  • YouTube Device Support (Solved?)

    If you’re regularly importing videos from YouTube with you might have noticed the first video from the list is titled ‘https://youtube.com/devicesupport ‘. Two days ago (April 20th) the YouTube v2 API was officially discontinued. Since PHP Melody was built to use the (discontinued) v2 API, we’re currently working hard at implementing YouTube’s v3 API to […]

  • PHP Melody v2.3 is Now Available

    PHP Melody v2.3 is now available. New features in this release focus on two main areas: video playback and video importing. This release includes the famous Video.JS video player, which has been a popular request among our customers. We’re also bringing support for subtitles in JW Player 5, JW Player 6 and Video.JS. You can […]

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  • "I am totally impressed with the PHP Sugar Team and PHP Melody. After a lot of online searching, I found this amazingly sophisticated solution that will make my clients happy and make me look good. Furthermore, I work with a video producer, who will be thrilled to have PHP Melody installed on our own site."

    Kathy M.
    Kathy Meriage
  • "I would like to thank you for your help and support when I had a recent issue with PHP Melody. It is so nice to know that in these modern times there is still some 'good old fashion customer care' out there. I have found PHP Melody to be a really cost effective script and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a video site."

    Denis Steer
  • "I wanted to thank you guys for this awesome product. I have been searching and trying many video CMS in the past 2 years and all my tries failed, until I found PHP Melody, which saved me a lot of money which i was spending on bandwidth bills. Also, it's very user friendly easy to install and manage, i was afraid that it will not handle the amount of visitors that my site receive daily which is more that 100,000 unique every day, but with all these visits the site is loading fine and no database problems. 10 / 10 for PHP Melody"

    Salim J
  • "I just wanted to write to say that it's good to find a product that delivers what it promises. I have tried various options for the Virtual Film Festival, from Wordpress themes to full blown software, and this is the one that does alot of what i need - this is the one we will be sticking to using."

    Joe Jenkins
    Founder/Director, Virtual Film Festival
  • "After playing around with those "Free" ones, PHP Melody is a breath of fresh air. As for cost, the box stock PHP Melody has the features you have to pay for with the "Free" versions. By the time you pay for those add ons, they end up costing more than PHP Melody by quite a bit. PHP Melody has the coding open where you CAN mod it if you know how. It's not like some of the "Free" versions that have them encoded where you can't. Again, cost savings for those that want to mod it for themselves.

    There are other positives as well but the MOST important one is, PHP Melody works right out of the box. After dinking with the "Free" versions I appreciate something that does that. In fact, I demand it. And PHP Melody meets that very important demand."

    Daryl H.
  • "To all who are thinking of buying this product, first I have been a customer from the first version, and now I'm on version 1.6. It may seem that I work for the company because of my positive comments, but no I do not. It is when you find a good product you support it, and this product has been very good from the start, when I first purchased it I was only looking for a CMS to stream & manage my own video, but I learned that PHP MELODY would do more. so with little tweek I was able to get exactly what I wanted. so with that I state as I have before, This product is rated #1 over all, buy it and see for yourself."

    Mohamed Rasheed


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