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Release Notes

PHP Melody v1.9. Released February 21, 2013

PHP Melody v1.9

February 21, 2013

New Features

  • Mass image upload in the WYSIWYG editor for videos, articles, pages, etc.
  • Rich snippet support aimed at enriching search engine listings.
  • Rich HTML support for (article & video) categories and a few extras.
  • Logo upload integrated the backend (on the newly created 'Layout Settings' page).
  • Live theme editor and a 'Theme Store' incorporated in the backend.
  • Customizable size for uploaded thumbnails and avatars.
  • Pre-roll static ads with HTML support, time limit and more.
  • User login with email and/or username.
  • User registrations can be enabled/disabled.
  • User video suggestions can be enabled/disabled.
  • The site can now be put in 'maintenance mode', restricting access to all visitors.
  • Articles can be marked as 'Sticky'.
  • Articles can be marked as 'Private'. This forces visitors to register or login before reading 'private' articles.


  • Links for 'Pages' have been moved to the header menu.
  • Existing videos can be modified to use an embed code instead of the existing source.
  • Customizable number/limit of listings such as the articles widget, new & top videos page, etc.
  • Users last login IP address is now being logged in addition to the registration IP.
  • Perfected 'Related' videos listings.
  • Copy/paste of video tags (previously impossible).
  • Comments posted by admins or moderators bypass the moderation filter.
  • Updated several language files with the addition of the Hebrew translation.
  • Enriched video upload in the backend.
  • New filter for the comments list in the backend.
  • Added the option to ban users from the front-end(the comments list).
  • Improved the 'PHP Configuration' page from the backend.
  • Increased the quality of user-uploaded avatars.
  • Increased the limit of concurrent video checks (the 'check video status' function).
  • Metacafe video source fixed.
  • Improved database backup for non-latin content.
  • Improved the activity stream log (when the social module is enabled).

Bugs Fixed

  • The overlapping video name in 'Top Videos' & 'Related' lists/widgets.
  • 'Compatibility View' fix for Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed social notifications about comments posted by non-registered visitors (guests).
  • Fixed missing translations and several language file issues.
  • CSS tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed the occasionally failing login, particularly noticeable in the backend.
  • Fixed the drop-down menu for the Articles Module (in front-end).
  • Fixed HTML meta descriptions when the content is in Cyrillic or Turkish.
  • Fixed the live comment posting/preview which was wrongly positioned.
  • Fixed all of the reported issues with the Cinema, B52 and Ruby themes.
  • All in all a total of 44 important bugs were fixed since v1.8.1.