Terms of Agreement Update… and Apples

September 4th, 2019 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

Dear people of good faith,

We all know how fast one bad apple can spoil the barrel. Except for supermarket apples. They are perfect.

PHP Melody was never perfect but it’s been close to 11 years and we’re still here, trying to make it, not perfect but better each time around.

And I do believe the reason we’re still here is partly because of our philosophy to consistently give more than we ask for in return. Our refund policy is no exception and that’s why we’ve always offered a generous 90-days money back guarantee for each license.

I am sad to report that in the past year, this policy was abused and tarnished by people of bad faith (i.e. bad apples). As developers and people who earn their living working, we cannot build anything of value for the world if it gets abused and undermined by people who’s motives were never to build something of value but to abuse, exploit and make a few bucks in the process.

The future of this project and all the people who already rely on us depends on the predictable continuation of our commitment/work. And that is why, effective today, we are changing our refund period to a respectable 14 days. We want fewer bad apples spoiling the fun for everyone else.

We’ve made this decision in the interest of our loyal customers who’ve been supporting us for many many years and rely on us to be here tomorrow and deliver.


Thank you and don’t forget to be kind to each-other. Never let a bad apple spoil you.

We’ve Reached 100 Updates to v3.0

May 8th, 2019 filled under “From our Desk

Just a few short days after the update release and we’ve already reached 100 upgrades to the latest version of our video CMS. We’re very happy to see this rapid adoption in just 48 hours.

The feedback from v3.0 users has been overwhelmingly positive. A handful of sites didn’t look good after the update because of CloudFlare cache (easy fix – just purge the cache).

But overall there were no incidents or issues with this release. And since our customers are happy, we’re happy too.

We hope you’ll be the 101 person to upgrade to PHP Melody v3.0.


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PHP Melody v3.0 – Available Now!

May 6th, 2019 filled under “Announcements, From our Desk

Today we’re introducing PHP Melody v3.0. We know you’ve been expecting this release for a while and we don’t like to keep you waiting.

PHP Melody is a labor of love and today’s release is just the love our Video CMS project needed.

It took a lot of work to complete and we hope you’ll enjoy working with it.

Good news everyone! Version 3.0 [BETA]

April 19th, 2019 filled under “Announcements

Happy Friday old friends!

Today we’re starting the BETA enrollment program for our upcoming release: PHP Melody v3.0.

Smaller releases are tested in-house but this is a big one.
We really need your feedback and suggestions before releasing v3.0.

So, if you’re willing to help, we’d love to share a pre-release BETA version with you.

To participate, you just need to be a customer (with active ‘included services’) and sign up below on our beta mailing list.

The BETA version will then arrive in your inbox sometime next week.

For questions about the BETA program, please drop us a line or two.