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Ultimate Regnow Affiliate

Regnow + Adsense = High Revenues

Improved in all aspects, Ultimate Regnow Affiliate is a PHP & MySQL script that allows you to own a fully automated software store. Earning from Regnow and Adsense has never been easier!

With more than 21,000 software titles and a powerful admin area, URA is the leading affiliate manager for Regnow.

The best part is that you only have to install it once and URA will auto-update itself with fresh content directly from Regnow's feed. This means there's no need for maintenance. Another advantage is that you will make premium dollars from Adsense since URA comes with a build in ads system that easily permits you to place Adsense or any other ads.

It doesn't matter what age or experience you have, URA was designed to be straightforward, yet highly effective. Take a quick look at the online demo to understand how effortlessly you can own and earn extra income from a software site.

Your Benefits

  1. Adsense friendly. Make money from both Regnow AND Google Adsense.
  2. Ready to go! . Simply upload the files, type your Regnow Affiliate ID and Adsense code and your site is ready to earn.
  3. Does all the work for you. URA auto-updates itself with fresh content and new products. Basically, it does all the work for you!
  4. Easy to administrate. Thanks to the recently improved Admin Area everything is easy to manage.
  5. URA can also be used for, Amazon and products.

Best 10 Features

  1. Auto-updating the database directly from Regnow's feed.
  2. Built in advertising system that allows you to add Adsense.
  3. Optimized for the search engines (SEO).
  4. Highly customizable layout.
  5. Fast loading times thanks to the CSS layout.
  6. Product search for your visitors.
  7. RSS news module (add news from any source to your site)
  8. AJAX product rating.
  9. Improved Admin Area.
  10. RSS feed for loyal visitors.


  • Regnow affiliate account (get one here)
  • MySQL (version 4 or higher)
  • PHP (version 4.2 or higher)