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Series & Episodes Module

TV Shows, Podcasts or Lectures

TV Shows or Miniseries? Yes, you can!

We help you build the place where people always come back

Put your lectures, podcast, mini-series, TV Show or movies online. Organize content by Seasons and Episodes and make it easy to binge on.

Series can include unlimited seasons and episodes. Schedule publish dates, make episodes private or put content behind registration walls.

Our brand new Series Module takes care of everything. So simple, anyone can do it.


Keep Them Coming Back for New Episodes

We've included all the must-haves you need to publish your series online.

Organize videos as episodes in an easy to digest format. Makes it easy to browse your series and watch the content they enjoy.

We understand media content might sometimes become unavailable due to high demand. That's why you can assign multiple sources for each episode to act as mirrors for your content. Ensure your episodes are always available with the multi-source feature.

And because one size doesn't fit all, every aspect of our Series Module is highly customizable.

Make your life easy. Choose quality.