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Social Network Module

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Social Network Module

Like the cool kids

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Users are Everything

Build the place where people always come back

Be the ultimate destination for your users. Allow them to express themselves, make friends and they'll be happy to come back and visit your site daily.

Retain your traffic, and ensure repeat visits. Good SEO is not enough these days. Engagement is key.

The Social Module may well be your “secret weapon” to a fast-growing website.

Social Module highlights:
  • Easy Registration - Using Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  • User Channels - Full featured and customizable.
  • User Subscription - With built-in notification system.
  • Custom Playlists - Including History, Likes and 'Watch Later'.
  • Activity Streams - Status updates, likes and subscriptions.
  • Activity Notifications - Subscribed users engage more.

Just Like YouTube

Stay small or go big. Your project your choice.

User Subscription

Like on Twitter or YouTube, your users can subscribe, share and interact with each other. Your key to growth is built into our CMS. Allow users to make friends, build profiles and upload content.

Activity Notifications

Information relevant to them. Their comments, subscribers and how their content is rated will appear in their stream. Users can post status updates which are broadcasted on their subscribers.

User Channels

Give them a place to call home. Each user can customize their channel page as they wish. They can post status updates, friends list and their uploads; and so much more.

Safe and Clean

Keep things under control as your site grows

No Bad Language

Keep your site clean and SEO in good condition by preventing foul language site-wide. Define site-wide censored words.


The built-in protection systems take away the hassle of unwanted posts and comments by identifying spammers.

No Registration Bots

Secure registration will prevent automatic signups and other unwanted accounts from being created on your site.

All you need to get repeat traffic. And more...