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Articles and Pages Module

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Articles & Pages Module

Content is Still King

Social Network Module

Series & Episodes Module

Powerful Content Manager

Everything you need to ...

Publish Articles

Simply enable the built-in article module and you'll have a powerful yet lean blogging/publishing tools ready to go.

Create Pages

Create as many extra pages without any code modifications. No more manual editing because our CMS has all you need.


Delegate publishing tasks to your team. Adding editors or more administrators is always easy and users can be assigned custom permissions.

Same Dashboard

Save yourself the hassle of maintaining a separate CMS for your publishing needs. Have everything under the same CMS.

Beautiful Editor

Published articles look exactly like in your editor. Drag-n-drop pictures, videos etc. right in. So easy with our powerful editor.
Built-in Search Optimization

SEO Ready

Your published content is always SEO-ready out of the box. And you can assign custom metas for each article you post.

Assign Editors

Working with a team? You can add editors to your site without giving them full access to your administrative area.

Draft & Schedule Articles

Scheduled content is automatically published for you. Your work is always safe because drafts are automatically saved.

Statistics & Insights

Get insight into which articles perform best and publish more of what your visitors wish to read.

Create Beautiful Pages

What You See Is What You Get

New pages are easy to create and manage without messy code editing. Log into your admin from wherever you are and presto you're ready to add new pages.

Anyone can do it. It's as easy as drag-and-drop! Add photos, videos or attachments to your pages. Update anytime, anywhere right from your administrator account.

There's more to see. Would you like to...