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First PHP Melody update of 2016. Just wonderful.

Written by Andrew on February 5th, 2016

Update: PHP Melody 2.6 has been released today (Feb 16th, 2016)

Only a few months after releasing the nicest update of 2015, we’re back with a new and possibly better update.

You guys sent a lot of great suggestions and we’ve set to bring your ideas to life.

That’s why today we’re happy to announce the first PHP Melody of 2016 which will be released on February the 16th.

You’re here to learn what’s new in the coming update, let’s dive straight in.


This is huge, huge, huge. If you’re working with videos from YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, this new feature alone is guaranteed to make your day.

Version 2.6 brings automation where it’s most needed: video importing and video checking.

You can automatically import videos based on preset terms such as keywords/users, frequency of import, category in which to import in and on it goes.

Unlike any other solution, auto-importing extends beyond just YouTube. We don’t like limitations. And with our video CMS you won’t have any limitations. You can auto-import to your heart’s content from all three major sources: YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo.

And it works like magic. Here’s a pre-release demo video:

Another automated job is the video status checking job. This is self-explanatory. PHP Melody will check your database for any problematic videos form 3rd party sources (i.e. YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.) and report the bad ones to you.

But this is only the beginning for automated jobs. So please, send your recommendations on what your need automated next. We’ll be happy to implement them.


People enjoy the freedom to customize their online profiles. Your users will now be able to personalize their profile or channel and make it a share-worthy profile.

Included below is a screen capture illustrating how a channel page looks like:

The channels feature also includes other must-have details such as: marking users as being ‘verified‘, allowing ‘verified’ users to post videos without any pre-approval process, create custom URLs for any channels and much more.


This popular customer request is making its way into v2.6. Your users can now edit and even remove their own submissions from your website without requesting your help to do so. And as with any other PHP Melody feature, the permissions are customizable.


We all use them daily so, why not? Instead of the plain text smiley face, your users can use Emoji to communicate. Just like this :)


SSL support is now part of our video CMS. Truth be told, we’ve tried to implement this before but had issues. Because PHP Melody works with so many video sources, it wasn’t straightforward to manage all those URLs and ensure they are all secured. But progress makes perfect and we’ve made it happen.

You can now add an extra layer of security to your site by using https.


A new PHP Melody update would not be complete without improving the existing inner-workings. A smoother and learner running CMS is always a welcomed thing. So, during development we’ve also reviewed PHP Melody’s existing MySQL queries. Shortly after, we implemented a caching mechanism to cut down on repeating MySQL queries and in effect speed up the entire process.

If you’re currently running a large PHP Melody video site, the improvements will be visible form day one. And if you have a smaller site, you can scale it up as fast as you want without worrying about performance.


In conclusion, PHP Melody v2.6 promises to be even better than our nicest update of 2015.
But then again, you’ll be the judge of that.

We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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