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PHP Melody v2.5 – Introducing The Nicest Update of The Year

Written by Andrew on November 12th, 2015

Today we’re thrilled to share with you the results of the work we’ve put into PHP Melody over the past couple of months. This latest update adds a new layer of sophistication and optimization to your favorite Video CMS.

Unmatched Video Importing

The most advanced there is. Available now.

PHP Melody v2.5 brings you refinements at every level, starting with the video importing. This latest release includes a better than ever importing video experience to help you save time when creating your video site. On importing pages we’re saying goodbye to pagination, page reloads and waiting times. Version 2.5 enables you to do so much more with PHP Melody and this is one feature everyone likes.


Check out this pre-release preview video.

What’s new in PHP Melody v2.5

Make the most of your video site with this latest PHP Melody release. We’ve included enhancements at all levels and here are a couple we’d like to mention.

  • AutoPlay Video

    Auto-play Videos

    A small feature, with a huge impact on your page views, user retention and more. Your visitors consume more of your content uninterrupted. Expect a boost in page views and ad revenue.

  • New Video JS Skin

    New Custom Video JS Skin

    Video JS is a solid player but with a modest look. We believe we can do better. So, we’ve build our very own Video JS skin specifically designed for your PHP Melody video site.

  • JW Player 7 Support

    JW Player 7 Support

    If you’re not a fan of Video JS, you’ll be happy to hear that PHP Melody v2.5 integrates the latest JW Player release: JW Player 7.

  • Featured Categories

    Featured Categories on Homepage

    Be in control of the content listed on your homepage. This brand new feature allows you to list the latest videos from select categories.

  • Categories page

    Categories Page

    We’ve integrated a custom page just for your categories. You can even assign custom images to your categories and give your visitors a better way to discover content.

  • Bulk CSV Import

    Bulk CSV Import

    CSV importing is a real game-changer. Our CSV import will recognize both external videos as well as local videos. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Version 2.5 is full of enhancements which help you create a better video site. This update brings enhancements both in the front-end (for your visitors) and in the back-end (for you). With CSV importing, an easier way to manipulate content and improved video playback, PHP Melody v2.5 is rightfully called the nicest update we’ve made this year.

Thank you and enjoy this PHP Melody release!

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