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PHP Melody v2.6: A must-have update.

Written by Andrew on February 16th, 2016

Good Great news! The first PHP Melody update of 2016 is available for download.

We aim to bring a better experience with every new release of our Video CMS. Today’s release is certainly no exception.

The features you need to build a great video site.

Introducing “Automated Jobs”.

PHP Melody introduces the revolutionary concept of automated jobs. This must-have feature opens doors for automating (almost) everything in PHP Melody. In today’s release, we’ve incorporated the first and most important tasks: automated video importing and automated video checking.

See how easy it is to create an automated job in this pre-release preview video.

What’s new in PHP Melody v2.6

  • Auto Video Import

    Automatic Video Importing & Checking

    Put everything on auto-pilot. PHP Melody will automatically import content and even check your database for bad videos. Do more in less time with automated jobs.

  • MySQL Caching for Performance Increase

    MySQL Caching & Increased Performance

    When it comes to performance, faster is always better. This release introduces MySQL query caching because speed matters even more in 2016.

  • SSL Support

    SSL Support

    Native SSL support was a hard nut to crack but we’ve finally done it. Starting with today’s release you can safely serve your site over https://.

  • User Channels

    Give Your Users Their Own Channel

    We’ve changed everything about users profiles…for the better. Give your users a space to grow a user following and publish content with the new channels feature.

  • User Video Edit

    Give Your Users Even More Control

    Empowering your users doesn’t stop with the “Channels” feature. Allowing your users to edit or remove their own content is now also possible.

  • Emoji Support

    Give Your Users A Reason To Smile

    Emoji. We all use them daily so why not? Instead of the plain text smiley face, your users can use Emoji to communicate. Just like this :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reviewing the highlights from today’s release. There are many other improvements and fixes which combined, make v2.6 a must-have update.

The previous update was rightfully called “the nicest update we’ve made this year but today’s release is certainly a must-have update for a great start in 2016.

Start something new today.

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