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PHP Melody 1.9 officially released today

Written by Andrew on February 21st, 2013

PHP Melody’s second update this year is ready for download.

Before introducing the enhancements brought by v1.9, we’d like to thank all our supporters and customers for their overall involvement in PHP Melody.

New Features

* Mass image upload in the WYSIWYG editor for videos, articles, pages, etc.
* Rich snippet support aimed at enriching search engine listings.
* Rich HTML support for (article & video) categories and a few extras.
* Logo upload integrated the back-end (on the newly created ‘Layout Settings’ page).
* Live theme editor and a ‘Theme Store’ incorporated in the back-end.
* Customizable size for uploaded thumbnails and avatars.
* Pre-roll static ads with HTML support, time limit and more.
* User login with email and/or username.
* User registrations can be enabled/disabled.
* User video suggestions can be enabled/disabled.
* The site can now be put in ‘maintenance mode’, restricting access to all visitors.
* Articles can be marked as ‘Sticky’.
* Articles can be marked as ‘Private’. This forces visitors to register or login before reading ‘private’ articles.


* Links for ‘Pages’ have been moved to the header menu.
* Existing videos can be modified to use an embed code instead of the existing source.
* Customizable number/limit of listings such as the articles widget, new & top videos page, etc.
* Users last login IP address is now being logged in addition to the registration IP.
* Perfected ‘Related’ videos listings.
* Copy/paste of video tags (previously impossible).
* Comments posted by admins or moderators bypass the moderation filter.
* Updated several language files with the addition of the Hebrew translation.
* Enriched video upload in the back-end.
* New filter for the comments list in the back-end.
* Added the option to ban users from the front-end(the comments list).
* Improved the ‘PHP Configuration’ page from the back-end.
* Increased the quality of user-uploaded avatars.
* Increased the limit of concurrent video checks (the ‘check video status’ function).
* Metacafe video source fixed.
* Improved database backup for non-latin content.
* Improved the activity stream log (when the social module is enabled).

Bugs Fixed

* The overlapping video name in ‘Top Videos’ & ‘Related’ lists/widgets.
* ‘Compatibility View’ fix for Internet Explorer.
* Fixed social notifications about comments posted by non-registered visitors (guests).
* Fixed missing translations and several language file issues.
* CSS tweaks and fixes.
* Fixed the occasionally failing login, particularly noticeable in the back-end.
* Fixed the drop-down menu for the Articles Module (in front-end).
* Fixed HTML meta descriptions when the content is in Cyrillic or Turkish.
* Fixed the live comment posting/preview (previously wrongly positioned).
* Fixed reported issues with the Cinema, B52 and Ruby themes.
* All in all a total of 44 important bugs were fixed since v1.8.1.

This marks the second PHP Melody update in 2013 with more to follow. We’re starting the year on a good note and we hope you like the progress PHP Melody made in the last couple of months.

Thank you again and enjoy PHP Melody v1.9.

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Since there has been some confusion in the past about how the PHP Melody updates work, let me remind you that:

  • The update package is available in your Customer Area account under the “Download Updates” page, not “Download Products”.
  • This update can only be applied to sites already running PHP Melody v1.8.1. Update both your files and database to v1.8.1 before applying this update.
  • Each update comes with clear instructions on how to apply it. Please read them and don’t mix-and-match newer version files with an older MySQL database. That will only cause you problems.
  • If you have a premium PHP Melody theme, you will have to download the latest version from your Customer Area account and use it with v1.9. All of our premium themes have been upgraded to work with v1.9.

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