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October is done. Here’s what we’ve done.

Written by Andrew on November 2nd, 2015

With November just getting started it’s a good time to share what we’ve been up to last month.

After the latest PHP Melody update was released, we decided to kept the momentum going and being work on the next release. We usually take a short break after each new release because, as any developer can attest, each release takes its toll. But not this time. And after a couple of busy months we’re about to introduce a new PHP Melody update; and a few other things. Let’s dig in.

PHP Melody v2.5; or what we consider to be the nicest update of this year.

With an ever-increasing backlog of feature request we dove right into¬†tackling some “big” things.

So, we’ve had to work hard this past month but that doesn’t count because everyone works hard. What matters are the results. And I’m happy to report the results look pretty good. We’ve managed to create some excellent improvements for our customers.

If you’ve been following our progress via Facebook or YouTube, you are already familiar with some of the upcoming improvements because of our ‘sneak peek’ videos. But just in case you’ve also been busy last month, here are the preview videos we’ve posted to date (please watch in full screen and HQ).

Here’s a tiny and powerful feature form the upcoming version: auto-play for next videos.

Here we showcase changes in the “video player” department (JW Player 7 and a 100% custom skin for Video JS).

And last but certainly not least, a brand new video importing experience (ajaxified everything).


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these few examples of what’s coming soon. For the rest of the new features list you’ll have to wait for the release date. Ok, just one more detail. Mobile Melody, our mobile-friendly plugin for PHP Melody, will also be updated on the same date as PHP Melody v2.5.

Crafting a new “framework” for PHP Melody themes.

To be blunt, it’s been a real shame not to have an array of beautifully crafted and niche-tailored themes for our video CMS. We’ve been putting so much effort in new features that we had to postpone theme creation. But that’s about to change because it is time to introduce some (truly) new themes.

I’ve spent 80% of October working on the new theme framework which will be the base theme for all our future themes; regardless of how complex they get. This theme has been in and out of development most of the year but I’m finally getting somewhere. I’ve done weeks and weeks worth of tests done across different browsers, screen resolutions and everything else you can imagine. With new PHP Melody updates introduced all the time, the theme had to be constantly updated and re-tested. But it’s all been done in the name of building something good and reliable. After all this effort I hope to bring you some great new themes starting next month.

One more thing. We’re 1 year older and 8 in total.

YouTube and WordPress are both 10 years old. I’ve mentioned this to put things in perspective since PHP Melody celebrated 8 years last month. That’s a long time and we’re extremely grateful for this.

With all that time behind us we’re now planning for the future. And we’re doing it all in the spirit of offering you the best video CMS and online video solutions we can.

Thank you all for being part of this wonderful journey. We just can’t wait to share our work with you. Thank you!

TL;DR: a new PHP Melody release (v2.5) is coming next week (in 10 days) and it is the nicest update of 2015 but then again, we are biased. PHP Melody has turned 8 years old last month and new themes are coming in December.


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