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PHP Melody v2.4 is Now Available

Written by Andrew on August 7th, 2015

PHP Melody v2.4 is now available. This new version is a relatively light-weight “summer” release.

As with any new release of our video cms, we’ve addressed existing bugs and made tweaks to improve your overall experience.

Here’s what else has been included in PHP Melody v2.4:

Enhancements & New Features

  • Added “Watch Later” functionality to all video listings. Registered users can now save videos in their own “Watch Later” playlist.
  • Added “History” playlist. Users can now review or remove watched videos from their history.
  • Added the new reCaptcha (i.e. the “I’m not a robot” one).
  • Added support for YouTube importing from YouTube channels which don’t have a username (E.g. UCgef_fFE9FEFZGQcHqp9aZw).
  • Added the Farsi language/translation.
  • Improved auto-reporting for videos. A new video checking procedure was added to make use of the existing APIs for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Extended the “pre-roll video ads” support to all video players.
  • Extended the admin’s control over video embedding and video comments. Now those settings/rules can be changed for each video in part or site-wide.
Existing customers can download the PHP Melody v2.4 update package, from their Customer Area account (from the ‘Download Updates’ page). If you’re not a customer yet you can purchase your PHP Melody license from our order page. If you have any questions about PHP Melody get in touch with us.


Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions, bug reports and feature requests. We welcome discussions about this release in our forums and via email.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!

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