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Announcing beta launch of PHP Melody 1.7

Written by Andrew on November 14th, 2012

After being completely immersed in the development of the new PHP Melody, we’re ready to share some good news with you. The beta program started today and already over 100 wonderful people have joined us in testing PHP Melody 1.7.

This isn’t your average update. PHP Melody 1.7 is our best work yet, an all-new take. The new PHP Melody represents our commitment to this project and a foundation for the future.

The official release date is set for November 22nd. Templates and new features will follow throughout December.

So stay tuned! More PHP Melody announcements will surface soon. Friend us on Facebook or join the beta testing program to get a peek behind the scenes.

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2 Responses to “Announcing beta launch of PHP Melody 1.7”

  • MetalVideo says:

    One of the features that was in a previous version – watch all videos on a favorites playlist – was very popular. It was discontinued though. Will this be coming back in the new version 1.7?

    • Andrew says:

      The “Watch all” button might have been omitted by error. We’ll look into this for the December release.

      Thanks for the report.