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Introducing a new look for 2019

Written by Andrew on December 21st, 2018

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we’re introducing a new ‘default’ theme for PHP Melody. We’ve named it Apollo and it will replace the current ‘default’ PHP Melody theme starting with v2.8 (our next release).

Apollo is and will be available (free of charge) to any PHP Melody customer (past or future).  Speaking of future releases, the next PHP Melody update is scheduled for release in January 2019.

To download Apollo today, simply log into your Customer Account and go to the “Download Products” page.

A couple of notes before you rush to install Apollo on your site.

  1. Apollo is 100% responsive.
  2. Apollo works with any PHP Melody 2.7.x version.
  3. Apollo is still under development. It’s stable but we’re releasing this as a beta.
  4. Apollo is not yet customizable from the admin area but it will be in v2.8.
  5. Apollo has a live demo. Check it out here.
  6. If you uncover any problems or have suggestions, please use this form or email us support@phpsugar.com.

To install Apollo, download the apollo.zip file from your Customer Account and:

  1. Unzip apollo.zip.
  2. Upload the unzipped ‘apollo-beta‘ folder into your installation’s /templates/ folder.
  3. Log into your PHP Melody admin dashboard. In the Settings > Layout Settings page you should see the new ‘apollo-beta‘ theme available. Select it and save the settings.

In case your layout is not looking right after switching themes, remember to clear the theme cache by deleting the files from /Smarty/templates_c/.

We’re here to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need help.


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