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PHP Melody v1.8.1 is Available for Download

Written by Andrew on January 17th, 2013

We are publishing a patch today to resolve the issues that impacted our PHP Melody v1.8 users.

Some Notes

  1. PHP Melody 1.7 users should first upgrade to version 1.8. Only then the 1.8.1 patch can be applied.
  2. If you use the Mobile Melody plugin, please download today’s release from your Customer Area account.

Issues Fixed in v1.8.1

  • PHP 5.4+ compatibility issue
  • Front End & Admin Area issues with the layout and functionality, caused by the recent JQuery update
  • Comment listings issue (found when there were only two comments in the list)
  • Language files were updated as some were missing the translation for the word “video”
  • Couple of JavaScript issues/errors
  • Robots.txt was updated to exclude certain files from being indexed into the search results
  • Youtube source fix for IPv6 issue
  • Vimeo https:// links are now accepted
  • DailyMotion source fix
  • Article categories drop-down menu fix
  • Admin Area login fix (previously it prompted the user to log in twice)
  • The problem that prevented the Admin from creating a new page
  • B52 and Cinema theme fixes (B52’s issue with the homepage/featured player; Cinema’s issue with the “description” dropdown)

Additional Information

If your PHP Melody site uses Mobile Melody or any of our premium themes, please download the latest version of those add-ons from the Customer Area (the Download Products page). If your current premium theme is heavily modified,  use only the following files from the latest package:


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