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Terms of Agreement

Last update: September 4th, 2019

General terms

Your use of PHPSUGAR's products, services and/or web site is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between the user (you) and PHPSUGAR. As a result, by using our products, services or website, you agree with all the following terms.


As a PHPSUGAR customer, you agree to respect the Software license agreement provided with each copy of our products. Breaking the agreement will result in a void license and immediate cancellation of any existing customer benefits including updates, support and/or private access to our community.

We cannot be held responsible if you damage our product while attempting to modify it or use it for another purpose than originally intended. Independently modified versions of our products are not covered by official updates or by customer support.

Product Updates

Product updates are included with each purchase for FREE, for at least the first six months. After this period 'expires' you will be able to extend your access to future updates and customer support by paying a certain fee.


In order to access some services such as the private areas of our community we may ask more details about your identity as part of the registration or verification process. This process is required to protect you identity. You agree that all the information you provide is accurate, legitimate and up to date. Additional terms apply to the verification process integrated into our community.

Orders & Refunds


By purchasing any of our products or services you agree to fully understand and agree with our 'Terms of Service' (this page). We're always available for pre-purchase questions and we strive to provide as much information and demos as possible to demonstrate the functionality of our products before you make the purchase. If you don't understand how our products work, please contact us first.

Instant Delivery

We know that instant delivery for digital products is crucial and we're doing our best to offer this service with every order.

Orders placed via 3rd party payment processors such as PayPal, FastSpring and MoneyBookers are processed automatically and instantly. However, computers and systems fail sometimes and for this reason we cannot guarantee instant delivery for each order.

The PayPal IPN in particular is known to fail sometimes and as a result orders may not process instantly. Orders placed from Unverified PayPal accounts must be processed manually by someone in our team. This is usually done within a few hours after the order.

We guarantee that you will receive your order in maximum 6 hours regardless of the circumstances.


Our software is sold 'as-is' without warranties or conditions of any kind. We are however responsible when it comes to refunds and we happily refund orders that truthfully deserve to be refunded (e.g. duplicate orders, incorrect purchases, previous agreements, etc).

All refund requests must first comply with the following terms:

  1. The refund request cannot be based on change of heart. Before purchasing our products please check out our fully functional and live demos and product presentation. Ask us any questions you might have via customer support before placing your order.
  2. The order should not be older than 14 days (depending on the product - see the Refund Timetable below).
  3. At least two support tickets must be opened with our team first, giving us the opportunity to fix any potential problems (before refunding).
  4. If the product fails to work as described or as show in our online demo (we will immediately refund your order).
    This does not apply if the product was only installed and tested on a local environment (WAMP, EasyPHP, etc) simply because local servers are (usually) improperly configured out of the box.
  5. The product must be installed and configured correctly on a hosting account that meets the product's requirements.
  6. You agree in writing to waive any rights to future purchases from PHPSUGAR and its partners.
  7. Downloading a product patch/upgrade after requesting a refund, voids the refund request and indicates that you wish to continue using our products.

Note: We reserve the right to turn down any suspicious refund request. Orders for services such as installation or upgrade services are non-refundable.

Refund Timeframes

Our refund-guarantee period is as follows.

  • PHP Melody Licenses: 14 days
  • PHP Melody Addons & Themes: 7 days
  • PHP Melody Services: non-refundable

Fraudulent Orders

Fraudulent attempts of accessing our products, services or data is not tolerated.
All fraudulent orders & attempts are always reported to the authorities. We continuously collaborate with the payment processors, ISP service provides and government organizations against digital crime.

Fraudulent orders are considered felony crimes that are aggressively prosecuted in the criminal justice system. A person who is convicted of fraud may face incarceration, punitive fines, restitution, probation, community service, and other penalties.

Because of the high rate of fraud from certain countries, we reserve the right to delay orders delivery. These countries (unfortunately) include: Morocco, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria, Macedonia and Indonesia.

Illegal Customer Activities

We will terminate customer accounts and void all licenses belonging to people who share our product(s) on warez/sharing forums, blogs, etc.

Customer Support & Related Services

We stand by our products through good and bad times alike. Each product is fully supported and our team is always ready to help its customers. Customer support is currently provided via e-mail only. Our community (message board) is for customer discussions, product customizations, development and announcements.

Please don't use the forums to request support on urgent matters. All support requests should be sent via the 'contact' page.

Email Support

Our customer service is available daily, from Monday to Friday. Customer support is not guaranteed during weekends and national holidays. If we cannot process customer support email for some unexpected reason (natural calamities, power outage, hardware upgrades, technical problems, etc.), we will notify our customers via Facebook, Twitter and/or an auto-responder email.

Email Etiquette

We all expect to be treated respectfully whether we're on the internet or not. We do our best to cultivate a healthy and friendly collaboration between our support team and you (the customer). Therefore, emails containing abusive or offending language will receive no response.

Requesting Help

To speed up all help requests we sometimes need to identify you as a customer. If you're emailing our support team using a new email address than the one used to purchase our product(s), please include your Customer ID (available in your Customer Account or the first emails you received from us.

In case you're reporting complex issue, or if you're not a native English speaker, feel free to attach as many screenshots as you need to illustrate the problem.

Service cancellation

We reserve the right to refuse providing customer support if you deliberately refuse to respect these terms of service.


We respect everyone's privacy and we expect the same in return. Emails sent by PHPSUGAR representatives (including their attachments) should, under any circumstances, be publicly shared unless stated otherwise by our team.


Customer support is free of charge for a limited or unlimited time, depending on the product. We offer a minimum of 6 months free customer support for each of our products after which you can choose to extend access to these services in return for a certain fee (please see the services page or contact us)

Message Board (our community)

  1. Anyone can register and participate in our community.
  2. We are very transparent about our products and services and this can be clearly seen in our forums. We never remove any discussion posts/topics unless they are spam or they do not respect the forum guidelines.
  3. Our community has several private areas which are for customers only. As a customer you will receive access to those areas once you apply for a 'Verified Customer' account. This is a basic verification procedure; free of charge.
  4. When participating in discussions please respect the forum rules and guidelines. Since our forums are mostly focused around technical topics, we value posts which add value to the discussion and elevate everyone's knowledge on the given topic.
  5. All customers are eligible to become 'Verified Customers'. This right is provided only as an optional service and it is not guaranteed when you purchase our products. For example we may refuse access to the private discussions if you repeatedly break our terms of agreement

Customer Area

  • Access to our 'Customer Area' is only permitted to our customers. Sharing your account in public areas such as online forums is strictly prohibited and will result in a service termination.
  • We reserve the right to record the following actions that take place in our 'Customer Area': login, downloads and profile changes. We do this to ensure an uninterrupted service to all our customers (i.e. prevent abuse) and internal statistics, which are never shared outside our company.

Final Note

We reserve the right to update these terms of service at any future date. Major changes/updates to these terms are announced well ahead of time to all our customers.

Please enjoy our products and services and if you have any questions, we'd be happy to talk with you. Thank you!