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We're the creators of a beloved Video CMS

Nice to meet you

Who (we are)

PHP Melody was created by Andrew Rae back in the autumn of 2007. It began as a simple music videos gallery (hence the name).

During its 11 years of existence, PHP Melody has evolved from this minimalist video gallery into an extended Video CMS. At the present time, PHP Melody is developed entirely by Paul, while Andrew manages the project and provides customer support.

Andrew (the creator)
Andrew created PHP Melody back in 2007 and still day-to-day operations. He's also responsible for the product design and customer support.
Paul (the developer)
Paul is the developer behind PHP Melody. He creates the updates, fixes, and everything in between.

What (we do)

Our single purpose is to create the best CMS for online video with uncompromising support to our customers. PHP Melody is a “full-time passion” for us. This translates into frequent updates, useful new features and always on-call customer support.

Our plans for 2024 are quite simple. Keep doing what we're doing: build reliable and relevant solutions, support them accordingly and celebrate our customers' progress.

We do our best to convert customers into happy users. Day in day out, we offer reassuringly prompt customer support you can rely on. It's easy to see that this makes our 12,011 customers pretty happy with our services.

Why (we do)

We love hacking! Well...not that kind of "hacking". Hacking in the sense of combining new technologies with old problems; coming up with new ideas and solutions for obvious problems.

That's why we love software. We believe software should be useful, simple, fast and reasonably priced - so that people can work with less stress, quicker and enjoy life more.

You may feel the same; you may just be searching for the best solution for your project, or both. Either way, if you're looking for reliable and well maintained video CMS, with good support and without having to spend the big bucks, please consider giving PHP Melody a chance.
Thank you and good luck in all your ventures!

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