Patch for PHP Melody 1.6.3 coming this Saturday

Written by Andrew on August 12th, 2010

It’s been a while since I last blogged about something and that was the release of PHP Melody 1.6.3. Luckily, I can blame it on the season.

We’ve been “busy” enjoying the very few sunny days of summer we were blessed with this year. Hope you’ve done the same.

Thanks to all those rainy days we’ve had plenty of time to gathered and fix the bugs found in PM 1.6.3. The upcoming release (PM 1.6.4) will be available this Saturday on the 14th of August.

This new release is a patch which means there won’t be any new features or any major changes.

Be that as it may, I urge you to stay tuned for this release because once 1.6.4 is out, we’ll be sharing our plans for PHP Melody 1.7 and the future of PHP Melody. Good stuff :)

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