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Postby Andrew on Oct 02, 2009 11 am

Hello and welcome!

Here, in our small 2 year old community, we treat everyone with the same respect and fairness. The most active part of our community consists mainly of verified customers; nevertheless everyone's welcomed to join in on the discussions.
Our doors are open 24/7 and the phpSugar team is dedicated to be as transparent as possible.

Getting prompt Customer Support

While the forums have slowly grown to be an alternative support channel, they are not the fastest way to receive customer support. With this in mind, please always contact our support team with any urgent or complex problems you might have, using this form: http://www.phpsugar.com/customer_care.html (feel free to bookmark it).

The phpSugar support team is active in the forums, however the forums are primarily the place where customers share ideas and communicate with each other.

Get Verified

If you're part of the phpSugar Customer family, we ask you to take 2 minutes to verify your forum account. Once approved, all the hidden and private forums will be unlocked.
Tip: Remember to allow our team 24 to 48 hours to approve your account.

Establish your Identity

Upload your Avatar, participate in our forums, share your opinions and don't be afraid to say what's on your mind.

Be nice, be cool, have fun!

Give other users the respect you wish to receive in return. The purpose of the community is to help each other. Try to leave problems and worries at the door and enjoy some quality time in our community. Respect the forum rules.

Patience is a virtue

Requesting a favor or immediate help is not a guarantee for instant replies. Allow other users the time required to answer your questions. Keep in mind that while you're online others may be sleeping. After all this is a forum, not a live chat room ;)

Starting a discussion

Before starting any discussion, search our forums to ensure you're not starting an already existing discussion. Before posting, choose the best category for your discussion and write a descriptive title.

Here are a few examples to help illustrate a proper subject:

Bad: "Help!", "Email??", "Problem", "Big problem".
Better: "Looking for help in Mail Settings"
Great: "How to add Gmail as my mail server?"

Requesting help

If you're looking for help please be sure to provide as many details as possible. We don't keep mind readers in our community because they're too expensive to employ. As a result nobody will be able to guess a problem without any additional details.
Giving a detailed description of the problem will allow others offer the help you're looking for.
Always try to include a screenshot, error message, product version and a direct URL in your help requests.

Providing Feedback

There are couple of forums that are reserved for feedback and suggestions on how we can better ourselves and our products. If you've found something worth mentioning, please don't shy away from posting your opinion. And if you consider it's not worth mentioning, we'd still like to hear it because that's the kind of community we are.

Thank you and hope you'll enjoy our community!
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