Announcing Price Changes 🫤(2024)

Written by Andrew on August 29th, 2023

Since we first launched our Video CMS project we’ve kept prices pretty steady as we wished to provide undeniable value to all the world and price is an important part of that.

A large part of our customers came from non-western parts of the world and pricing was always a sensitive issue for this reason.

Given how times have changed and the unfortunate world-wide economic context we will adjust our license prices to take into consideration the increased cost of living.

Starting next year, prices for licenses will increase by up to $20 USD. For our services the costs will increase by 10%.

If you’re considering locking in the current pricing, we still offer a promotional price for our Video CMS.

Thank you for your continued business and we hope to be of help for you and your projects in 2024.

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