YouTube Device Support (Solved?)

Written by Andrew on April 22nd, 2015
YouTube Device Support

YouTube Device Support Video

If you’re regularly importing videos from YouTube with you might have noticed the first video from the list is titled ‘ ‘.

Two days ago (April 20th) the YouTube v2 API was officially discontinued. Since PHP Melody was built to use the (discontinued) v2 API, we’re currently working hard at implementing YouTube’s v3 API to prevent any service/feature disruption. PHP Melody’s v2 API to v3 API migration will be made available in the upcoming patch. Applying it will be as easy as overwriting a couple of files.

The V2 API is still operational (April 22nd) but it can go offline at any moment. Therefore, we advice any PHP Melody license owner to upgrade his website(s) to v2.3 ASAP because the upcoming patch will only work with PHP Melody v2.3.  The only case where upgrading is not necessary is if you’re not using PHP Melody’s YouTube video importing features.

To check you current PHP Melody version, log into your site’s admin panel and check the footer of the page (lower right corner). To download PHP Melody updates, log into your customer account.

You can learn more about YouTube’s V2 API announcement in the blog post titled: Bye-bye, YouTube Data API v2

PHP Melody customers can also follow our progress in the forums.

Update: PHP Melody v2.3.1 is now using the new YouTube API. More details here (update your site ASAP).

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