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PHP Melody v2.3 is Now Available

Written by Andrew on April 14th, 2015

PHP Melody v2.3 is now available. New features in this release focus on two main areas: video playback and video importing.

This release includes the famous Video.JS video player, which has been a popular request among our customers. We’re also bringing support for subtitles in JW Player 5, JW Player 6 and Video.JS. You can specify subtitles (SRT or VTT) for any of your videos and in any language.

The second main area of improvement is video importing. PHP Melody now has API integrations with all three major video sources: YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo. This means that you can import any videos form these three major video sites with minimal effort. Simply type your keywords and PHP Melody will do the rest. The speed at which video data is imported is also greatly improved in v2.3.

As with any major release, we’ve addressed numerous bugs and made tweaks to improve your overall experience with our video cms.

Here’s what else has been included in PHP Melody v2.3:

New Features

  • New 3rd party comments systems: Facebook Comments and Disqus:
  • New video sources:
    • Facebook.com
    • Cloudy.ec
    • MyVideo.ge
    • Vevo.com
  • Integrated “Dailymotion Publisher” program for monetizing any DailyMotion videos.



  • Improved labels and filtering for videos & articles listings.
  • Improved “video import” procedure with a focus on increasing performance.
  • Auto-suggest results from Google for the “video import” search form.
  • Added items/page on pages which were missing this sorting option.


  • Improved registration bots prevention with a new honeypot and a timestamp based verification.
  • Updated “Securimage” CAPTCHA library and fonts to increase protection.
  • Redesigned “Featured Videos” listing from home page.

Bugs Fixed


  • Smarty compatibility issues with PHP 5.5.
  • Fixed audio playback with certain players.


  • Liveleak.com video source update.
  • Fix for layout Customization while the site is in “Maintenance mode”.
  • Fixed dashboard widgets and listing errors.


Existing customers can download the PHP Melody v2.3 update package, from their Customer Area account; under the ‘Download Updates’ page. If you’re not a customer yet you can purchase your PHP Melody license from our order page. If you have any questions about PHP Melody get in touch with us.


Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions, bug reports and feature requests. We welcome discussions about this release in our forums and via email.

Thank you and enjoy!

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