YouTube Importing – Filtering & Subscriptions in v2.2

Written by Andrew on August 12th, 2014

YouTube Importing Improvements Time to take another sneak peek at some new features from the upcoming PHP Melody v2.2. This one has been a popular suggestion for some time and we’ve managed to bring it to life just in time for this month’s update.

As the title suggest, PHP Melody v2.2 will include significant improvements in the YouTube importing department. They are: search filtering (using all available API filters) and keyword & user subscriptions.

Starting with v2.2 you’ll be able to subscribe to your frequent YouTube searches, as well as YouTube users and easily track, import & access any new content based on these subscriptions. This feature allows us to build upon it other cool things, but for now we invite you to check out today’s sneak peek.

Notes: This video contains music so please adjust your volume. Best seen in the highest quality possible.

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