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PHP Melody v2.1 – The Last Update of 2013

Written by Andrew on December 12th, 2013

Today we’re making available the last PHP Melody update for 2013.
Version 2.1 has a little bit for everyone but most importantly it addresses some recent troubles that some of our customers has with their sites.

Without further delay, here’s what PHP Melody version 2.1 has to offer.

Fixed Bugs:


  • Duplicate meta title and meta description for listing pages.
  • Duplicate/generic meta title for user profile pages.
  • Search engine crawlers caused videos to appear as ‘being watched now’ & wasting resources.
  • Search engine crawlers indexed non-value pages such as embed links (www.you.com/embed/03898).
  • The maintenance page was missing the title & some other issues.
  • Notifications for actions related to articles were missing.
  • Misplaced RSS links for article pages.
  • Some issues with the text & links on large displays.
  • Some banners were ‘stuck’ to layout elements.
  • Other theme fixes and HTML syntax problems.


  • Big problem : Renaming a video title was updating its URL.
  • While editing categories, the ‘name’ field was not updated.
  • While editing a video, the ‘duration’ field went up to only a max. of 99 minutes.
  • Replacing a YouTube video with an mp4 video was not possible.
  • Replacing a self-hosted video with an embed video caused problems in the RSS feed.
  • Updated the ‘Yahoo! Mail’ presets.


  • Broken RSS feeds in some circumstances.
  • Problem with sites hosted on https://.
  • Problem with embedded YouTube videos in the sitemap.
  • PHP Melody is no longer logging the password from failed login attempts (potential risk).

New Features:


  • Cleaner look for the ‘Default’ theme.
  • Markup Schema support; good for SEO.
  • reCAPTCHA support & honeypot traps for registration bots.
  • Much improved ‘online/offline’ status detection for users.
  • Improved search suggestion. Uses fewer resources and yields better results.
  • Option to disable/enable the commenting system site-wide.
  • Users can see their submitted videos as ‘pending approval’.
  • New function for users that suggests relevant users to follow based on a few factors.
  • New translation for the ‘Thai’ language.
  • New ad zones: ‘floating ads’ (new installations only).
  • Improved page titles for categories, search results, tags, etc. (suffered from duplicate metas).


  • Editable video & article permalink URL.
  • Updates for the WYSIWYG editor: cleaner look, spellcheck support and true ‘what you see is what you get’
  • HTML5 (<video>) and JavaScript (<script>) are now supported as embeddable videos.
  • ‘Pre-roll static ads’ improvements:
    • Option to add a ‘Skip’ button on individual pre-roll static ads.
    • Option to target certain categories or video sources.
  • Cleaner look & layout improvements. Works better with a larger range of screen resolutions.

New Video Sources

  • vk.com
  • video.mail.ru
  • rutube.ru
  • novamov.com

We appreciate and thank all those who helped us with this update.

You can now download the 2.1 update from your ‘Customer Area‘ account, under “Download Updates“. For a fresh install, you’ll find the needed package “Download Products“.

We welcome discussions about this release in the following forum thread.

Thank you and enjoy!

P.S. The premium themes have all be updated to work with this latest version.

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