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PHP Melody v2.0.1 Maintenance and Security Release

Written by Andrew on July 11th, 2013

PHP Melody v2.0.1 is now available for download. This release is a patch for PHP Melody version v2.0. Since this patch addresses several security issues found in SWF Upload, we’re classifying this as ‘security release’. We urge all our customers to apply this patch immediately.

The development team has solved all pending bugs from the previous release, 23 in number.The patched issues include:

  • JW Player 6 code fixed to use watermarks, JW Key and the correct autoplay settings.
  • Error with /report.php links (affects only older sites which used to run v1.6.x).
  • Issue with video comments for Vimeo.com videos.
  • The ‘Suggest video’ page was not updated (affects the premium PHP Melody themes only).
  • Articles listings were missing the thumbnail image (affects the premium PHP Melody themes only).
  • Related articles were not working before (zero listings).
  • Internet Explorer issue with video resizing.
  • Vimeo.com videos failed to work with JW Player 6.
  • The ‘contact’ page was emailing messages without any formatting.
  • Live search recommendations issues with Cyrillic characters.
  • Updated SWF Upload. This patches vulnerabilities found in the previous version of SWF Upload.
  • PHP Strict Standards fix.
  • Administrators couldn’t edit the user data correctly (about me field was not saving the data and the ‘Last.fm’ field couldn’t be changed).
  • Videos couldn’t be edited to use an external video source.
  • YouTube.com URLs could not be edited and/or swapped with a locally hosted video.
  • Wrong date issue with modified videos.
  • Video checking bot was not working correctly if more than 20 videos were selected.
  • Filter for the ‘sticky’ articles was not working.
  • Search queries on the ‘Members’ page were removed after any action (approve / delete).
  • Added the missing support for JPEG image upload in all the WYSIWYG forms.
  • The previous update (v2.0) was missing .htaccess and, as a result, the embed links/code failed to work.
  • Missing required PHP function prevented the simultaneous installation of PHP Melody v2.0 and Mobile Melody v2.6.
  • Moved the max. daily upload limit from being hardcoded to the ‘Settings’ page, in the backend.

We appreciate and thank all the bugs reports we received since v2.0 was released.

To download the PHP Melody v2.0.1 patch, log into your Customer Area account and retrieve the file from the ‘Download Updates’ page.

We welcome discussions about this release in the following forum thread.

Thank you and enjoy!

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3 Responses to “PHP Melody v2.0.1 Maintenance and Security Release”

  • Dave says:

    Till now I never had problems with v2. To be sure I will install this patch. Thanks for the great support all time!

  • virtual host says:

    works great, thanks

  • zdig1 says:

    hello, with this version
    1-using smarty 2 or 3 ?
    2-is ther any patch from different old version to new version (like in other script update)
    3-did the new 2.6 mobile version (flash) support only youtube like old version or you improved to support dailymotion … and embed video with jwplayer 6 (flash supporterd by mobile device)