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Introducing PHP Melody 1.8 and more…

Written by Andrew on December 20th, 2012

A month ago, we introduced PHP Melody 1.7, which as you know, is a big milestone for our small team. We’re happy to announce that the overall feedback from our customers was overwhelmingly positive. New comers were also impressed by PHP Melody 1.7. The clearest indicator was the 100% organic increase in the conversion rates.

We wish to thank all our supporters for their confidence in our video cms. Our commitment to PHP Melody is as strong as ever.

Today we’re introducing version 1.8.

The most noteworthy feature PHP MELODY 1.8 brings is the built-in social module. Inspired by the successful social networks, we’ve implemented the coolest features out there:

  • Twitter-like user following system
  • Facebook inspired notifications and status updates
  • Activity stream

We’d like to point out that by adding a social component to your site, you will see increased user engagement and retention. Social and mobile are must-have components for the CMS of tomorrow. And we’re committed to bring even more of both in future PHP Melody releases.

To give the social module a look, please visit our online demo.

Existing customers will be relieved to know that besides the social module, this new release takes care of all reported issues/bugs. Mobile Melody, the plugin which makes your PHP Melody site mobile friendly, has also received our attention. Thank you Trace for the help.

As themes go the B52, Carbon and Ruby themes have been brought up to date and are 100% compatible with version 1.8. We’ll be introducing two new themes (Square and Cinema) in the coming weekend.

It gives us great satisfaction to end the year with a noteworthy PHP Melody release for you guys, our fans. As always, you are invited to download the latest updates and enjoy the improvements.

We truly hope that besides enjoying this new PHP Melody, you’ll end 2012 on a positive note.

Thank you for your continued support.

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2 Responses to “Introducing PHP Melody 1.8 and more…”

  • serkan izgi says:

    are we going to be able to change/ add logo after next update?


    • Andrew says:

      Tomorrow we’re releasing v1.8.1 which is a collection of hotfixes (bugs).

      The next scheduled update for PHP Melody is at the end of February. That release will also include the logo upload feature among others.