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Have you meet the best PHP Melody ever?

Written by Andrew on November 23rd, 2012

Happy thanksgiving!

We’ve picked quite a special day to release our most significant PHP Melody update ever.

If you’ve been tracking this release, perhaps even participated in our Beta (thanks btw), you know how capable the new PHP Melody is.

If this release is news for you, you may know that PHP Melody has been more or less the same for the past couple of years. With version 1.7 we took time to completely redesign the layout and the Administration area.

The all-new layout was designed to be simple and efficient. Besides the obvious benefits, PHP Melody 1.7 has a layout that is easy to customize or integrate into an existing design. Very good stuff.

As for the new administration area things get even better. Actions that used to take 3-4 clicks, take only one click now. Working within the new administration area is both rewarding and fast. For example the video importing feature has been greatly simplified and is more enjoyable. Simplicity is beautiful. Both the administration area and the new layout are compatible with even the older browsers such as IE8. We took our job seriously and accounted for all sorts of things so you don’t have to.

Customers using our previous released will be relieved to find that updating to version 1.7 is as easy as it gets. All the required tools and instructions are in the update package.

We’re very proud of this release and we can’t wait to show it to the world. If you’re a customer, head on to your Customer Account and download the UPDATE package or the FULL package for a fresh installation.

Thank you very much!

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4 Responses to “Have you meet the best PHP Melody ever?”

  • Lawrence says:

    Loving 1.7 so far Andrew, the new features and the interface both front and back end are simply stellar! I’m a little confused about the price though…don’t get me wrong……it’s just that I thought you might put the price of the script up to something like $67 or something like that. But hey….who’s complaining? 1.7 is an absolute steal @ a quarter over $29 during November. I’m buying another license right now before you change your mind!!

  • Jason says:

    Good to know you came out with a new version, but NEVER push a new version live on Black Friday! Most sites are on code lock-down and are focused on maintaining site performance and stability.

    Site managers do not want to change anything on this day, or within a few weeks before this day. Please consider this in future version releases.