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PHP Melody 1.6.4 now available.

Written by Andrew on August 14th, 2010

PHP Melody 1.6.4It is ready! The new PHP Melody version is now available for download.

As previously announced, this release will not bring any new features compared to the last version (1.6.3). Instead, we chose to fix the problems which haunted PHP Melody 1.6.3.

The complete list of fixes is available at this location.

Existing customers can download this patch from our Customer Area (Download Updates). If you have too much time on your hands this weekend, you can choose to install a fresh copy of PHP Melody 1.6.4. The complete package can also be downloaded from your Customer Area account (Download Products).

If you’d like to follow the discussion attached to this release, please visit our forums.

A big thank you goes to all those who reported bugs and helped solve them.

Enjoy and have a fun weekend! 😉


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7 Responses to “PHP Melody 1.6.4 now available.”

  • zdig1 says:

    thx for this release but i see that you still hav a probleme in utf-8 url
    is this fixed ??

    • Andrew says:

      Yep, we couldn’t alter the existing URL structure since that would mess all existing installations and cause SEO havoc 😉

      Not all is lost though since there’s a post specific to this issue in our forums.

  • Sander says:


    waited a long time for those thumbnails to be fixed…they kept annoying me

    Great work again

  • zdig1 says:

    hi andrew i see that still have some bug:
    1-url utf-8 is working only in tag but not on categorie and not in videomusic … and this is a very bad bug it make seo loosing reference because it still alphanumeric
    2-when we patch the 1.6.3 we still got the message ‘upgarde to ‘1.6.4’ you recomende to chane it by sql or theres change is sql base
    3-for video watched now and for rss.php i recomend to add both video and artsit name cause some time we have to see in rss video 2 !! if we added artist it will be very referenced
    i have many other question & suggestion to make this script more easy to use and better refereced in SE

  • zdig1 says:

    many other bugs
    1-sorting by video title in panel admin is not working
    2-even we choose to use remote thumbnail it conitnue to stock on local ad he increase size hosting
    3-you must add facebook video
    4-some times when you add a direct link http: it not working because some bug you must remove the word http:// it will work
    5-i dont know if you think to merge the 3 video table ( video , embed vide, url video ) on only one it will be more practice
    6-80% are not using artivel module
    7-utf-8 must be fixed in seo url
    many many other little bug that i’m trying to relosve

    any way you must correct them if you pay me i will be a beta tester :))))

  • zdig1 says:

    oups i forgot abig big probleme
    the actegorie manager is really very bad and not practice at all
    i suggest to copy the vbulletin methode is more useful