Introducing PHP Melody 1.6.3

Written by Andrew on May 12th, 2010

We are happy to announce the availability of PHP Melody version 1.6.3 for download and upgrade!

Based on community suggestions we’ve added some new features and fixed existing bugs some of which are quite important.

PHP Melody 1.6.3During the past few weeks while working on version 1.6.3 we started to get really hungry for new PHP Melody improvements.  Ideas for version 1.7 (yes, we’re talking already about the next release) seamed to flow in like magic.

Right after the successful release of 1.6.3 we’ll be focusing solely on PHP Melody version 1.7. There’s no time to waste and we’ll be working through the hot summer to bring you guys the best there is.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new release! Please subscribe in our forums to discuss directly with our team and the wonderful people around PHP Melody.

Here are a few quick links:

If you’re on FaceBook, please join the PHP Melody fan zone.

Please Note: We do NOT recommend upgrading a production installation of PHP Melody directly. Please backup all your files and database before upgrading.  If you’re using a premium PHP Melody template you need to download and install the latest version of your template.

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