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Echo – New Theme (Available Now)

Written by Andrew on April 15th, 2016

The theme you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Say hello to Echo, a brand new theme for PHP Melody which takes the entire “game” to a new level.

A Great Reason to Build a Great Video Site

It’s obvious to anyone that online video isn’t going anywhere. Online video consumption will keep growing and growing. That’s why we’ve been fortunate enough to work on PHP Melody. A great project which has the best fans and customers.

While PHP Melody is getting better and better with each update, we’ve constantly received advice to improve our theme offering. And when our fans talk with us we listen. As a result, today marks the release of the first new theme for PHP Melody: Echo.

Echo – Take Your Video Site To The Next Level

Unlike our previous themes Echo is the first theme to be completely re-written (form zero). This was hard work but it also provided us with the opportunity to use the latest of everything. For example, we’re now using the latest Bootstrap framework, Font Awesome and other cool libraries for web development. So, yes, this theme is 100% responsive.

A lot of attention went into the details of this theme. We’ve always set high standards for our work and this theme is definitely no exception. The code is clean and everything works perfectly no matter what device.

You know a good theme when you see it. Check out Echo in our live demo.

Start Something New. Today.

So far, this year we’ve created two PHP Melody updates (3rd one is in the works) and started something new; the Echo theme.
We’re a small team but we’re working harder than ever for our fans and customers.

If you think 2016 is a great year, we hope you’ll do the same. Start something new with PHP Melody and Echo right now.

Thank you and as always, please comment and share you thoughts.

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