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How to add new language?

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Postby ysakovs on Oct 06, 2015 1 pm

How can i add new language on php melody?
I add language in settings.php but language now shows on admin panel and no it footer...
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Postby Andrew on Oct 16, 2015 8 am

That should not be the case if the new language was added correctly in /include/setttings.php

Right now, the latest translation is Farsi/Persian, which has the following entry:

Code: Select all
//   Farsi/Persian
$langs[25]["title"]   = "Farsi";
$langs[25]["ico"]   = _URL . "/lang/flags/ir.png";
$langs[25]["file"]   = 'farsi.php';
$langs[25]["email_dir"] = 'farsi';

To add, Klingon as a language, the following lines should be appended:

Code: Select all
//   Klingon
$langs[26]["title"]   = "Klingon";
$langs[26]["ico"]   = _URL . "/lang/flags/klin.png";
$langs[26]["file"]   = 'klingon.php';
$langs[26]["email_dir"] = 'klingon';

As you can notice, the array number was incremented form 25 to 26. This is the most frequent mistake people make when adding new translations.

Hope this helps.
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Postby wkchen531 on Aug 21, 2019 5 am

s Is there a tutorial on translating Simplified Chinese?
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