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dont relase 1.6.6

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Postby siva on Dec 12, 2010 2 am

whenever new update we get

heavy moded site got stuck

also new update make more bugs

quit phpmelody as it is

start develpe 1.7 with new core feature and structure, and name it as phpmelody reloaded if u like

which is entirly new core function

make 1.7 as gud video cms not as music cms support plugins system like in wordpress

which will make new way to php programmes and developers to intro their product else sell their plugin

hire some gud programmes who are well in theme design coz all themes come with melody no unique all are same

hire gud ajax know people to make better

more social oriented

even the cms cost most will buy

also most suggestestion not implemented

u guys implementing what u decided

dont waste time on relasing another update as 1.6.6

also make 1.7 a video cms
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