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Postby Trace on May 24, 2011 8 am

Hi people,

I was wondering if any of you have experience with Advertising companies.
Since I've been banned from AdSense twice already (and allowed again twice also) I've been taking a look at some alternative ad programs.
Here is my experience with them, please add your own experience as well if you have them, so people in the future can have a look at them.

Google Adsense
By far the best, pays good, has tons of options and very neat statistics. Payment treshold is 70 euro's or 100 USD.
Strict policy, sucky support. Been banned twice from there because an embedded video from Google Video appearently was first offensive and violent and later copyrighted work (wth?). Both times my site got disabled for several days till they responded to my email.

Havent tried, see below.
Uses a 60 day 'mature time' for your money, which basically means that you only will get paid for your earnings from March somewhere in June.
They also only support checks which take a while to arrive (and ages if you are outside US)

Supports a lot of different ad formats, contextual, pop-under, text-link advertisements etc.
No approval needed
Supports PayPal and Checks (both $50 USD minimum)
They only allow 1 banner per page (and I havent even found an option to make multiple sizes for different pages on my site)
Earnings don't seem to promising (0.67$ after 3 days)
Limited interface for reports
You have to give them keywords yourself instead of them crawling it (like AdSense does)

Nice website (definitely a pro since it makes it attractive to sign up)
In-text links which are compatible with AdSense and other banner-focussed adverts
Quick sign up process (and relatively quick approval, think it only took me a couple of hours)
Supports PayPal ($50 minimum) and their own debit card (seems very expensive to use that one tho)
However they promise high earnings, I haven't seen much of that yet.
10 clicks only were good for $0.23 (to compare, 1 click in AdSense gives about double of that for me)
Again the interface and report possibility is very limited compared to AdSense (I'm a guy who loves neat graphs and detailed statistics, so that doesn't really work for me)

AdSense is by far the best I've seen around so far, other programs aren't really a match.
Problem is that most of the music video sites will likely get banned from there sooner or later (I wonder how long it will work for me this time).
If anyone has experience with these companies or others, feel free to share.
Note that this experience is only from a few days, and might not be totally representative.
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Postby 234Ent on Sep 14, 2011 6 am

Hey Trace,

Google Adsense: Like you concluded, Adsense is so far the best Ad serving company, and is most likely the first one anyone gives a try. Haven't had no problems with them yet, and is the only ad serving company am using.

Infolinks: I experienced similar pros and cons with Infolinks, and it just wasn't worthwhile. I think they cheat publishers alot with those low cost per clicks. I tried them for 14 days, and only earned $0.71 for about 19 clicks. Meanwhile, with Adsense -- publishers would have earned close to $2.00 or more for the same clicks using link units. In addition, I think Infolinks is a good way to drive away your visitors.

Adbrite: This ad serving company is not just bright at all. I had no success using them for a whole 6 months period. They have little or no advertisers, and they serve your audience irrelevant ads. There whole page ads or whatever its called, drives visitors away.

Chitika Ads is one I have been thinking about giving a try, but haven't made the move yet. Would like to hear some reviews about them, if anyone have used this ad serving company; let me know of your experience.
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Postby Xarex on Sep 14, 2011 11 pm

Chitika sounds like it's good, but I feel like the ad is very limited. Unless I'm missing something. They give you one code to copy to your website and that's it. A link to a bunch of crappy ads.

Amazon Affiliates or Ebay Affiliates might be good, but they have a strict policy. Ebay has a very strict policy. I got denied twice from them. They said my site has no relevance to their business.

Amazon accepted me for a book site I had but then later shut it down because of the lack of traffic to it.

They require that you at least make impressions per month or they'll terminate your account.

LinkShare offers a heap tons of advertisers and offers. I do like their variety and they do display the amount of clicks and impressions you made per month, but you don't get paid based on clicks. You get paid only when people buy things. I do like the fact that they have iTunes, which mixes in well with a music video website, but.... really, I've had absolutely no luck with any of these.

I think the only one I've made money on... and only based on views but not really clicks or buys, is AdSense. And to be honest, not much money. I've made like $10. My website's life is about 5 months. But it's only been about 2 months where my site has been in real operating function with daily visitors.
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Postby mubali2003 on Aug 28, 2015 10 am

Hello Friends,

Iam New Publisher...I want Add for my website.
which one good exactly. Please help me.
Thank you
Mohamed Ali
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