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Is this CMS dead?

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Postby theopensource on Nov 22, 2020 7 pm


I just upgraded to v3.0 and it looks like it may have been a waste of time lol Is this CMS still being developed or is it dead?

I was debating whether to move my site over to Wordpress but went for PHP Melody v3 instead... Did I make a mistake? Would Wordpress be better at this stage?

I want a template that looks similar to how the Netflix website works, any templates like that exist for PHP Melody?

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Postby promonde on Jan 07, 2021 1 pm

Seems pretty dead to me. I joined the first time back in 2013 and I have been away for some years.
Stopping by now makes me feel sad seeing this project dead and buried... at least it seems so...
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Postby Andrew on Jan 12, 2021 9 am

The project is certainly not dead. The team is still showing up daily and offering support, working on problems and sorting obsolete functions.

That being said, we do consider version 3.0 to be extremely stable, robust and capable.

Here are a few reasons why we did not modify the product lately:

1) The current version is a strong starting point for anyone looking for a matured Video CMS. At a price point of 40-60 USD, this is extremely good value and easy to work with; for both serious and hobby projects.

2) Constant updates for the sake of updates are certainly not in the best interest of the project or existing customers; we've always taken into account the trade-offs for existing customers first.

3) However, the main reason why we have not published new updates is because most of our customer base finds the product good enough as it is now.

Mature projects do not require frequent updates or niche features (i.e. bloatware). It's simply the nature of things.

Certainly not a sad thing when a product just works; not to mention the fact that we still care and show up daily for our customers.

We've been present for this project around 12 years or so.

Happy 2021 and we hope you'll find our product helpful.

Thank you.
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