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Postby ultimatehandyman on Nov 03, 2010 8 pm

Hi to everyone 8-)

I found phpmelody yesterday by accident, I think I followed a link from hotscripts to get here!

I have a few websites, my main site is one of the largest diy websites in the UK which gets about 100,000 page views plus per day. I have several other sites as well, but I normally concentrate on my main site.

Over the years I have used Joomla and wordpress as well as phpmotion and I have to sat that phpmelody is absolutely amazing, it is so easy to use and does a lot more than any other CMS can ever do! On my main video website I installed phpmotion a few years back and it was difficult to administer and there were only a handful of people that could work on the script and the owner of the product was too busy to help people with issues, so I removed it and now I use custom made pages on that site.

phpmelody is now being used on one of my latest sites and since installing it last night I have fallen in love with it :? congratulations to Andrew and Paul and anyone else involved with the script. I really can't believe how easy it is to install and administer. It also has sitemaps and RSS as standard, which most other scripts do not!

No doubt you will see me in the forum from time to time, I am no good with scripts or modding and so I'll be looking for paid help in the future!


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Postby muzikia on Nov 03, 2010 9 pm

Partially this is my story too.

While PHP Melody was 1.5 (that means one year and half) i found it on the internet and i just bought it in the next second.

After such a long time i really find it as you said: easy to use and powerful.
Moreover, after 10-12 updates/upgrades since 2008 i really enjoy seeing this script growing with the hard work of Andrew and Paul.
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Postby MovieFreaka on Nov 07, 2010 3 pm

Jeah PHPmelody is very great
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Postby Andrew on Nov 17, 2010 10 am

Thank you for the positive feedback! :)
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