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Postby Andrew on Mar 14, 2008 12 pm

Very important announcement
Hey guys,

The increased forum activity prompted us to make some changes in regard to the open forums primarily to prevent any unwanted people from taking advantage of our nice, small community.

All the hard work that's been put into the 'Code hacks' section can now be kept safely for customers only. Also, as a forum user you can decide who to help and who to avoid by simply checking their rank.

With this in mind, we've decided to divide the community members into 3 types:

(1) Verified customers: absolute access

This group is represented by honest people, our customers. Verified customers have access to hidden/private forums and much more benefits such as discounts.

(2) Non-verified: limited access

This group is represented by forum members that want to stay in touch with us via our forums, or simply want to ask some pre-sales questions publicly.
On the other hand, 'Non-verified' users may be predators looking to get the latest updates or steal content from our forums.
'Non-verified' users should NOT be given any files or detailed instructions containing sensitive data (your order number, your order e-mail address, templates and so on).

Remember: If a 'Non-verified' user asks you for files or help on their site, please report them to us as soon as possible!

(3) Bad user: no access

Users which abused our forums or didn't respect the license agreement will be banned and marked as 'Bad user'. Members that share our files, products, templates will also be banned and marked as 'Bad user'.
The same goes for refunded orders.

I'm sure you realize that we only have the best interest for honest people and we're only trying to weed out the bad.

We invite you to become a forum 'Verified Customer' or to read our terms of agreement in case you haven't done so already.

Thank you!
The phpSugar team
Questions about this? Contact us now.
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